Will Masdar City be the First Completely Green Community?

Abu Dhabi relies almost completely on its massive amount of fossil fuels. Starting on the outskirts of Abu Dhabi is the first completely green community called Masdar City. Worth eighteen billion dollars, it is being built from the ground up with an intended forty thousand people, it started in 2008 to be the world’s most sustainable eco-city.

Through investments, it is showing how a community can house rapid urbanization, as well as, reducing energy, water and waste dramatically. It combines ancient Arabic architecture with modern technology to show an innovating city built to house many.


The community will have high-efficiency appliances. Low-flow showers (There will not be very much pressure in the shower head). A water tariff will also be used in the community and treated waste water will be recycled and reused for plant irrigation.

Additionally, they will use a wind tower as mother nature’s air conditioning. Now, more interestingly, is that 88,000 solar panels will be used, and any leftover power that the community does not use will be sent to Abu Dhabi.

Wind Tower used within Masdar City

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  • Buildings are a mix of both educational and recreational (Housing, retail, manufacturing and office space will all be in a single building).
  • Everything is close by, so no need for transportation.
  • Buildings are densely populated, allowing residents to live and work in the same location.


Masdar City offers a bundle of benefits to the people who choose to live in the city.

  • The freedom to operate with one-hundred percent foreign ownership and no partner in the United Arab Emirates needed.
  • Ability to move capital and profits outside the United Arab Emirates without restrictions.
  • No import tariffs, corporate taxes or individual taxes.
  • Zero currency restrictions.
  • Strong frame-work of intellectual property protection.

Plan your Visit

To Travel There

From anywhere in the United States to Abu Dhabi is around sixteen hours long with no layovers, costing around $1,652 for a round trip ticket.


Now, there are no hotels within Masdar City; you can get a room or multiple rooms in Abu Dhabi ranging from $68 to $270 a night.

The Visit

A visit to Masdar City can take 60 to 90 minutes, including the driver-less electric car that takes you into the city. Masdar is open daily for the general public to view as they please.

What are you waiting for? Would you go to Masdar City?

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