LG Now Offering A TV With LG G6 Purchase

LG had a rough go last year with the LG G5.

Taking a chance, the company opted to create a modular designed phone. The gamble, unfortunately, didn’t pay off.

With the LG G6, the company has gone back to the traditional phone design.

To sweeten the appeal of the phone LG, LG has collaborated with major phone carriers to offer amazing promotions when purchasing the G6, which even includes a TV.

The Deals

Verizon: Get a FREE 43” LG Smart TV when you buy the LG G6
Sprint: Get a FREE 49” TV when you pre-order the LG G6
T-Mobile: Get a Google Home on us when you buy the LG G6
AT&T: Get a Google Home on us when you buy the LG G6
U.S Cellular: Get a Google Home on us when you buy the LG G6


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The LG G6 is the newest phone from the tech giant LG. The phone, which was first announced last month, is LG’s latest attempt to be on the top of a congested phone market.

The phone features a 5.7-inch screen that takes up the majority of this almost bezel-less smartphone. The phone also sports a dual-lens camera, something the company was one of the first to introduce, but is now becoming a standard in the industry.

Other key features of the phone include:

-Water-resistant metal and glass body
-18:9 display
-1440 x 2880 Resolution
-Snapdragon 821 CPU
-Android 7 Nougat

The Promotion Trend

Deals of these type are becoming a norm in the industry, as the smartphone market becomes more competitive.

With many of the phones from top tech companies appearing very similar specs wise, these deals offer a way for a company to differentiate its phones.

LG very recently offered a projector with the purchase of the LG G5 and V20 through T-Mobile.

In regards to a free TV, this is a new type of phone promotion first introduced by Samsung when it offered a 32-inch TV with the purchase of its Galaxy S7 at Best Buy last year.

Is the Phone Worth Getting Even With the Promotion

The question, “Is it worth it even with the promotion?” is the essential question with deals of this type.

Yet, in an industry that is jam packed with amazing devices such as the Google Pixel, iPhone 7, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy 8, deals like this are now becoming a necessity for one phone to stand out among the rest.

Will this be the deal that makes the LG G6 a big hit? Well, that is something the market has to decide.

An Amazing Opportunity

LG has an opportunity with the LG G6 to take the spot as the best android phone on the market in the mind of the masses.

This was a position previously held by LG’s biggest phone rival Samsung. But Samsung placed a blemish on its reputation with the battery debacle the company had with its Galaxy Note 7, making future customers more cautious when purchasing their phones.

This leaves companies, like LG, the opportunity to take the lead as the market’s favored android phone.