Will you Help Find Alien Spacecraft in our Galaxy From Your Phone?

One of the disadvantages of science is that, on many occasions, it cannot guarantee anything with one hundred percent certainty. In this way, it is often worth sowing new ideas and letting the data be the one to judge.

In many other places of the Cosmos, there must be life. It is a matter of mathematical probability, and it is difficult to think that we are alone or that we are the first.

For the first time in history, human beings have leftover technology to search for life beyond Earth. However, finding life in the vastness of the universe is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

How we Seek Life on Other Planets

So do not worry, because there are experts and curious minds working furiously to find whether there’s anybody out there in space, but perhaps they cannot see us nor communicate. And always bear «great minds think alike» in mind, ha!

What are we doing to meet some alien civilizations? It might seem like we are delayed when comparing technology advances against the poor information we have gathered (or lack of) concerning life beyond our habitat.

Among the ways in which researchers try to pick up signals that indicate extraterrestrial life beyond our space borders, we can mention a list that goes from the study and control of stars to the scan of radio waves.

Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence SETI Projects

Located around the globe, there are radio telescopes like the FAST in Guizhou, China —with the tiny size of thirty football fields— responsible for receiving or emitting signals with the intention of listening or being heard.

So did you know we have spent 120 years sending radio messages before the digital signals begin to silence our waves? Now only those civilizations within a radius of 0 to 120 light years could have detected us.

Message in a Space Bottle: Fast Radio Bursts

Just around two days ago, Abraham Loeb, a researcher at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, proposed that mysterious FRBs, rapid and strong radio flashes of unknown origin, could be emitted by alien civilizations from other far-flung galaxies.

How alleged alien signals, Fast Radio Flashes (FRBs) reach Earth!

He proposes that the flashes could come from gigantic planet-sized emitters used to propel large sailing ships of up to a million tons on their interstellar, even intergalactic voyages.

Alien Tinder Date? Turn on Your Smartphone and Let’s Find Out!

The same researcher asked for citizen collaboration with the help of their mobile phones in detecting rapid flashes of radio signal also in our galaxy. Since these radio frequencies coincide with those used by our smartphones and the home devices that connect to WiFi networks.

Thereby those who would like to collaborate could download a free app on their mobiles (which does not yet exist) that would run in the background, without disturbing the user, supervising the appropriate frequencies and sending the data to a processing center.

Loeb and colleagues argue that if thousands of mobile phones received a radio signal at almost the same time, it would be a very good sign that we have located a real event —A creepy but still exciting one, yeah!

Nonetheless, we have to be patient. The first FRB of just under two dozen was detected in 2007, and experts estimate that a new one could appear in the Milky Way once at intervals ranging from 30 to 1,500 years… *sigh* Resultado de imagen para phone concert

Reader: Do you dare get in touch with an Alien? Thousands of connected phones will never be beaten!

P. S.: Here some little secrets to always have enough battery for doing so!