The 6 Most Anticipated Tech Releases This Spring

Spring is typically one of the better seasons of the year when it comes to tech releases. This Spring season is no exception as we are already aware of releases that are sure fire bets to be on many years’ end best-of lists. These are the 6 most anticipated tech releases this spring.

1.Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung has been through its fair share of tech mishaps of late. First with the Galaxy Note 7 battery debacle that put a blemish on the reputation of the company. Then the videos of exploding Samsung causing an immediate recall and further headache for the company. The company needs a big 2017 to regain its prior position in the tech world. Its first move to do so is the Galaxy S8, expected to release in late April. What we know about the phone so far, is that it is basically a supercharged Galaxy S7 which is great news. The phone is expected to include a dual lens camera, a larger screen size, and a personal AI Assistant.

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2. LG G6

With the LG G5, the company took a bold chance to be on the forefront of modular designed phones. The risk didn’t pan out well, thus with the LG G6, the company is going back to a traditional design. The LG G6 sports a large screen size with a 5.7-inch screen taking up a majority of the almost bezel-less phone. The phone also includes IP68 water resistance, a wide-angle front-facing camera, and Google Assistant built in.

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3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Unveiling its newest tablet the Galaxy Tab S3 last month, Samsung expects it to be its answer to the Apple iPad Pro. The powerful Android tablet comes with a 9.7″ screen. The tablet also comes with a stylus that has many of the features to the stylus of the Galaxy Note 7 and an optional keyboard. The release date for this tablet is still under wraps, however, we are expecting an early April debut.

4. Google Jamboard

The Jamboard is Google’s answer to the Microsoft Hub. The digital whiteboard is a 55-inch HD touchscreen that allows multiple users to collaborate using either the Jamboard’s stylus or any of your personal devices by way of Google’s new whiteboard app. The Jamboard is also fully transportable mounted atop a wheeled stand for easy mobility to anywhere you desire.

5. The Sonos Playbase

It has been four years since Sonos added an entirely new product to its product line. Sonos came to the realization that they needed a discreet product for those who don’t have a wall mounted television and they place their efforts into creating one. A few years later they revealed the Playbase, a platform speaker that is as powerful as it is beautiful and holding to that initial vision of a discreet speaker. Coming in at around $700 ,the Playbase is your next highly recommended speaker.

6. PlayStation Aim Controller

The PlayStation VR has been a big hit for the gaming company; PlayStation selling more units than expected since its release in fall 2016. One of the main draws to the headset is the amazing experience it provides when playing a first person shooter. That experience is about to get even better with PlayStation’s Aim Controller. The controller which was originally expected to drop last winter gives the user a more realistic feel of holding an actual gun rather than that of the “not VR friendly” PlayStation console controller.