7 iPhone 8 features we want to see

Every year fans of the iPhone are left wondering what Apple will have in store for the upcoming iPhone.

Last year’s model, the iPhone 7, while featuring several enhancements didn’t have any drastically new additions. This was a diversion from what they have done in the past when starting the iPhone and many are expecting this year’s model to be full of changes and new additions. These are the iPhone 8 features we would like to see.

Wireless Charging

Iphone 8 Features

Wireless charging has long been a feature of the phones of Apple’s main competitor, Samsung, in the phone space. For years now, every iPhone released since the iPhone 5s, consumers have hoped it would have wireless charging capability. This year may very well be the year that we finally get wireless charging as one of the iPhone 8 Features.

Recently Apple has released the air pods a wireless headphone unit that comes with a semi-wireless charging case. This means that the company is at least taking steps to introduce the technology to their products which make us hopeful for the upcoming iPhone.

IPhone 8 Features: AMOLED Display

The list of devices with an AMOLED display seems endless. Guess, the one major company not on this list? Apple, seemingly in a defiance to not succumb to the norms of the industry has yet to feature an AMOLED display on their phones. With Apple’s ability to bring the most out of their screens already without the technology, one could only imagine an iPhone with an AMOLED display.

Larger Screen/ No home Button

The home button is an outdated smartphone feature and will probably not be an iPhone 8 feature. Entirely all of the functionality of a home button could still be implemented without the home button itself, a fact reinforced by the results of Google Pixel. With the removal of the home button, it could free up space for Apple to increase the size of the screen while also keeping the size of the phone to a minimum.

A Headphone Jack

To the surprise of everyone, Apple removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. However, the change may have been premature, especially considering the phone had no wireless charging capability. Meaning a person who wants to use wired headphones and charge their phone simultaneously simply cannot do so.

A Smaller Version

It is surprising how many people prefer a smaller size phone similar to that of an iPhone 5. Apple did recently make a return to smaller phones with the iPhone SE. Although the iPhone SE was a success, it is unlikely that there will be a predecessor to the unit. This frees up the option to release a small version of this year’s iPhone.

A Dual Lens Camera On All Models

The dual camera iPhone 7 Plus is nothing short of exceptional, but for those who prefer a smaller phone were left envious as the iPhone 7, while containing a great camera, didn’t have a dual lens.

Eye and Face Scanning Technology

Apple prefers not to be on the forefront of new technologies, especially in regards to the iPhone. On the iPhone 8, however, we are hoping they would make an exception because a fingerprint scanner is flawed. Ever find yourself in a situation where you have the remnants of something that you do not want to get on your phone but you have to unlock the device? My point exactly!