The animal that broke two Guinness record’s with prosthetic limbs 

Something incredibly fascinating about technology is that she doesn’t discriminate at all. She is more open-minded than that 70’s hippy uncle or grandpa we all have in our families. She is the coolest: black, Asian, LGBT, animals with prosthetic limbs and even the environment, she does not discriminate.

From day-to-day, its growth is expanding in an unstoppable way while reaching out with a hand of help to everything in its path.

Motor skills are one of the main needs for any living being to live comfortably, and one of the saddest things in the world, in my opinion, even when I’m more a dog person, is to see a cat dragging a wheelchair. Very soon, this disheartening stamp could disappear forever, and all thanks to science.

The Paw-fect Rescue of Pooh

Found in April near a train track, in a rural area of Bulgaria, Pooh (“plush” in Bulgarian) is a black and white longhaired cat that probably lost his two hind legs when being hit by a train.

Luckily for the kitty, he was found and Vladislav Zlatinov, an ingenious veterinary who surely also hates wheelchairs for animals as much as us, had a fanciful, genuine idea, worthy of a hero: restore its lost paws with a pair of awesome catlike prosthetic limbs.


Bionic Super Cat in the Making

prosthetic limbs
prosthetic limbs

So the team of surgeons pierced the prosthesis plugs, made of rubber sheet polymer and assembled in titanium plates, on each of the cat’s ankle bones. Then, each of the artificial appendages were coated with hydroxyapatite to stimulate the bone cells to grow on the metal, thus, the skin grows on a kind of “umbrella” that prevents a potentially harmful infection.

The rubber sheet leg implants are tailor-made and fit for the ankle just as a real foot sole bone that grows through the skin. Let’s Adopt, a Bulgarian animal defense NGO, funded the operation.

“After a month with their new legs, surgery can be considered a success” in words of Zlatinov, who explains that the cat is still a bit clumsy due to the prosthetic limbs, but he can walk, run and jump as a normal one Gold star for you, super doc!

It is hoped that prosthesis of this type will gradually begin to be implemented in a generalized way on the market, so that any accident animal victims can keep spreading love as usual.

Tribute to the Pioneers

The technique used by surgeons has been similar to that already used by Noel Fitzpatrick in 2009 with the cat Oscar, both protagonists of the team from the first successful assistance of this kind between our furry friends.

This affectionate connection of man, technology, and cats just changed the kitty’s life forever, not only because he recovered his mobility, but cause it made him break two Record Guinness: One for being the first animal with two bionic paws, and the other for being the first animal to receive implants into its moving joints I hope the doctor had been rewarded properly as well.

Do injured animals have hope with prosthetic limbs

While the news is really hopeful and they mean a huge jump forward in so many ways, they represent an alarm bell and a wake-up call to the human behavior as well: the overall stats of abandoned animals are alarming, so just like kids, do not own pets for suffering or abandonment.