ReachMe Smart Tag Will Allow You to Find Anything

reachme smart tag

There are few things worse in this possession driven world than losing things. Particularly things you really, really like. There is a reason that one of the main topics in airplane related jokes and horror stories, right up there with the food and overly-thorough security guards, are tales of lost luggage, sometimes never to be returned.

I can be difficult when things go missing, as anyone who has ever had a beloved family pet go missing can attest. It can be heart rending not knowing what happened to good old Fluffy particularly when they are found dead or not at all. Take heart gentle reader, the days of losing things and having them stay lost are nearly over!

Now, thanks to the innovation and big hearts of a group of truly lovely human beings based in Irvine, California who seem to have been able to balance a drive for profit with a desire to help there fellow humans have developed a type of programmable smart tag called ReachMe that will let users tag and keep tabs on anything and everything that matters to them from a favorite suitcase to a beloved family pet, to the children you would rather not lose. Which it turns out are essentially the same thing as according to the tag’s informative KickStarter video

How does ReachMe Smart Tag work?

ReachMe Smart Tag is able to connect with any known smartphone model or program, anyone who finds that which has been lost will be able to instantly and directly contact the owner or parent as the case may be by text chat, even being able to give a GPS location of where they are. Assuming of course both the loser and the finder own or have access to a smartphone which, counter to the prevailing propaganda, not everybody does.

This, that and the other

In addition to being a near instant 21st century version of lost and found. ReachMe Smart Tag has another application as a ‘smart doorbell’. Just hang an appropriately programmed tag on the door to one’s domicile and any visitors who do not simply stare at the thing like a dog that has just been showed a card trick, can wave their smart phone in front of it like a small, plastic magic wand and the home dweller will immediately get a notice on their smartphone. Then they will be able to establish if the personage currently stood on their stoop is friend or foe.

Surely, a great relief for anyone interested in opening their homes to complete strangers as part of the airbnb or online couch surfing trends. The ReachMe Smart Tag can also potentially save lives in another way. If one has more than one medical issue, especially life-threatening ones, they can be listed along with required medications to be displayed on a smartphone when the card is scanned. This can make doctor visits as fast and painless as possible and could very well make the difference between life and death should an emergency arise during which one is unable to communicated via the usual means. How much does it cost for this useful piece of technology? $2.