Snapshot Review: PS4 VR Worlds

ps4 vr worlds

If you just got a PS4 VR unit, then you most likely want to load up with games that support this platform. PS4 VR Worlds can be a great investment here, as it brings a great collection of 5 different games included in a single package. What you will like about PS4 VR Worlds is that it does bring in front a very good, fun experience that’s also really enjoyable.

What I liked the most about this game collection is its variety. Not only do you have entirely passive games that basically play without you, but you also get action packed games tool. Here you can find The London Heist, Ocean Descent, Scavenger’s Odyssey, VR Luge and Danger Ball.

The London Heist

Each one of these games is set to bring a distinct story and it’s also a lot of fun to go through, something you will like quite a bit.  The London Heist requires you to perform a heist in complete VR conditions. You have some very good shooting combined with amazing, interesting and exciting scenes as well as plenty of interesting gameplay opportunities. The variety of tasks range from shooting gangsters to ducking their attacks and you will even have to try and melee them if you can. Using two controllers and playing with a friend is the best way to experience this game.

Scavenger’s Odyssey

This is your good old mech shooter. An interesting thing about this PS4 VR Worlds game is that it offers a lot of comfort. The shooting is fun and solid, the visuals are good and I didn’t experience any dizziness while playing the game. I actually enjoyed every bit of action, but like most of the games included in this package, this one is a very short experience. However, it’s a very enjoyable one.

Danger Ball

This game was the interesting surprise here. It’s basically a pong game in VR and it’s really well done actually. The immersion factor is great and you will find yourself playing for hours as you try to beat your score and tackle the challenges provided here. It will take some time to get used to it, but this game is a lot of fun and the experience it provides is really good.

Ocean Descent and VR Luge

These last two games from the PS4 VR Worlds weren’t that impressive. They do a good job at bringing in immersion, but their implementation is quite lackluster. I still enjoyed them but you don’t really have a lot of replay value.

Is PS4 VR Worlds worth it?

The package is good especially for The London Heist Experience and the pong game, but it can be a mixed bag. It’s an interesting experience for sure and there are some good games here. It all depends on your taste, but there is a lot of interesting fun to be had here. As long as you are open minded and don’t judge a book by its covers, you will find most of these games to be exciting, although their shortness and a lack of replay value does drag the overall value down a little bit.