How Pokémon GO made its way Back to the #1 Spot in One Night

Pokemon Go

Pokémon GO was a smash hit last summer. It had around 40 million downloads in a week or so and people went crazy over it. Sure, it was the first AR game on mobile but that still doesn’t change the fact that this was an amazing game with a lot of cool ideas that people enjoyed. But like any other fad, it did go away.

Lots of people, and more specifically the non-gamers, actually went towards other games and apps. This is why many reported that Pokémon GO lost a lot of players in a very short period of time. But one thing is certain, the game continues to bring in some newer, cooler ideas and the Halloween event was definitely one of them.

Strong Start

But this does bring in the question, how did the game fare after all of this? It seems that the game did very well, with a lot of revenue being generated as a result. They did bring in some very interesting benefits for the players and some good gameplay ideas which ended up providing an extraordinary revenue to begin with.

According to SensorTower, the game boosted its revenue with around 133%, no small feat if you take into consideration the previous results. And there are still around a few million people that play it casually, with around 20% of those playing it every day.

Did lack of updates kill it?

Yes, the lack of events and updates might render the game dead, but the game certainly isn’t dead at this time. That alone shows this title is pretty much alive and people will be very impressed with it in the longer term if they choose to stick to it.

People started to play more Pokémon GO during Halloween, but the title certainly does a good job at keeping people interested in it via the great updates. And even if the Halloween event is over, Niantic is going to bring in some new features and events to the game. Although nothing is announced, it’s safe to say that there will be a Christmas event in one way or another based on Nintendo’s previous trends. So no, the game certainly isn’t dead.

Anything to look forward to in Pokémon Go’s future?

It did have its downtimes and server problems, but then again it can be hard to prepare servers that will handle requests from 40 million users at a time. Now that the servers have less stress, Pokémon GO is slowly becoming the best possible version that you could ever have for this game. Where will things go from here? I do believe that a Christmas event might be right around the corner and some new cool things like new Pokemon should be added by then as well. Hopefully we will see more and more of this as time passes by!

One thing is certain, Pokémon GO isn’t dead nor will it die too soon. I firmly believe that the game will come back strong after this winter is over, hopefully we might even see some more updates soon. It’s hard to say if there’s a Pokémon GO 2 in the works though, although that would be amazing!