Dyson Vacuum Cleaner CEO gives out $38,000 to a Paper Helmet

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner CEO gives out $38,000

Dyson Vacuum Cleaner CEO gives out $38,000 to a Paper Helmet

Since our day to day lives are heavily influenced by the way we treat the environment, we have to do everything in our power to recycle and reuse everything we can. With that in mind, Isis Shiffer, a graduate from the Pratt Institute of Design in NY, wanted to create a new type of helmet that would help people stay safe without actually polluting the environment. And this is how the EcoHelmet was born.


This new helmet has a very simple set of ideas, it basically uses recycled paper specifically modified in order to offer durability and protection to the bike driver. What makes this helmet distinct is the fact that you receive a very good quality in one really impressive package.

The EcoHelmet is a very interesting product and one that did bring in front quite a lot of great ideas in regards to the future of bike helmets. Recently, the EcoHelmet actually received the James Dyson award for innovation, something that does show how innovative and interesting this helmet really is from the get-go.

How will a paper helmet protect me?

What makes this helmet distinct is the honeycomb structure. This helps the paper maintain its durability and it also allows the drive to acquire the ultimate protection without a problem. The cool thing here is that the EcoHelmet has a radial structure. This basically means that when you don’t use it, you can easily transform it into a flat object.  This makes it much easier to stow away in your backpack or laptop bag when not in use.

Is it really that durable?

You can take the EcoHelmet with you at any given time and you can still obtain the very best protection on the market without any hassle. That alone shows the great value and quality you can obtain from this product.


But that’s not all. The reason why the EcoHelmet got the Dyson Award is that aside from being very easy to use and foldable, the product is also waterproof. In order to bring waterproofing features, the helmet has to be covered with a biodegradable coating before you use it. That coating will protect your head from the rain for at least 3-4 hours. A great feature for sure and one that does bring in front an astounding value to say the least!

The EcoHelmet makes it very easy to handle any safety issues while you are on the road and it’s also really easy to maneuver. You will also like the fact that it provides you with an exciting set of tools while the attention to detail offered here is second to none.

Can I get one?

It’s unclear when and how this product will come on the market, but considering that it won the Dyson award, it may very well arrive on the market more quickly than you think. Hopefully it does, because the features offered here are quite distinct and well worth the attention of many bicycle owners. Of course, we can imagine that the price won’t be as high, considering that this is made out of recycled paper. But as always, we will have to wait and see how and in what form this will be brought in front of the mass consumer!