If you thought gold panning was a thing of the past, think again.

panning for gold

The Mountain Man recounts his last gold hunt:

Nothing compares to the excitement when you see even the smallest grain of gold, it’s amazing . The thought of striking it rich in the gold streams has drawn men and women to risk everything traveling thousands of miles in unknown territories.

Though it takes a mere 480 of these grains to equal an ounce so many men and women were eluded by this precious sight . Most people recognize the term 49 er describing the year a rush was on to the West . Many families were forced by cold and lack of supplies to settle in the western ports leading a less glamorous work routine .

Prior to this though the first gold rush was sparked in the area of Georgia and east Tennessee when a young man on a farm found a 28 lb nugget which they used as a doorstop until a traveling salesmen recognized the piece as gold . He paid the father a very meager sum to take possession and when he announced his find the area was flooded with miners and panners .

I had the fortune of traveling the US and having panned for gold in three states including California , Tennessee and most recently Vermont where I organize gold panning excursions to local streams . Upon visiting the Cherokee national forest in a small town called Tellico Tennessee I had the fortune of meeting a man named Bill at Bills Pit Stop where for a small fee he taught me the fine art . Standing barefoot in the cool stream was relaxing and healing though I hadn’t really planned to hit pay dirt The few grains I found that first trip will always hold a fond memory for me .

– The Mountian Man


Panning for gold on the trail with mountainmantimes.info

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