What’s the next big gaming console? And, you should be excited

next big gaming console

Console wars are and always will be something important for gamers. Trying to find the best console that will help you squeeze in the most power as you play games is always a crucial thing for all gamers. But since the PS4 Pro is now released, is this the ultimate console we always wanted to have? Well, not really. Let’s digg into why and discover what the next big gaming console may be.

What happened to the famed PS4?

It seems that the Ps4 Pro is more of a simple update instead of a regular upgrade. That’s not really bad at all, but the downside here is that you have basically the same unit, with just a few minor updates like the graphics area for example.

Microsoft has the power to blow the PS4 Pro out of the water with its new Project Scorpio, a model that’s set to release next year during the Holiday season. Even though we are a year away from that, it’s pretty clear that this will be the biggest console of 2017. The Nintendo Switch will also be released very soon and plenty of people are excited for that. However, when it comes to the big consoles, Microsoft and Sony manage to deliver the best results.



Sony flopped to some extent with the PS4 Pro, but on the other hand they needed a more powerful unit to add in the VR experience into the mix. Although there is no clear word what Microsoft is doing, we can imagine that they are working on some sort of VR solution as well. Or maybe they want to integrate augmented reality into their games, who knows?

What we know about Project Scorpio

What we do know about the Scorpio model is that it will feature an 8-core CPU as well as 6TFLOPS of power which is a lot more than what the current consoles have. Some signs point to the Scorpio being an update to the Xbox One pretty much like the Pro is for PS4. Since Phil Spencer, the Xbox head from Microsoft stated that current generation games will be updated to the Scorpio, you can see why there’s a speculation that this might be a mid-generation update.

Since the PS4 Pro wasn’t exactly a success when it was first announced, we hope that the Scorpio will indeed showcase Microsoft’s promise to deliver a faster unit and more powerful games. The specs mentioned by Microsoft are impressive and they can indeed bring in front some amazing features. We do have to wonder though whether the other components included in the Scorpio model will be just as powerful. For example, the video card on this one can either make or break this new console.

The war rages on and big companies battle for the next big gaming console

One thing is certain, the console war is very strong and it will continue to be like that for the upcoming future. As a consumer, this is the best time to play games as the competition between the two major parties leads to better hardware and higher quality games. Which, in the end, will benefit everyone interested in games!