Time’s Running Out: Best Tech Under $100

tech under $100

If you are rubbing shoulders in the tech scene, you know that there are novelties every single day. And, if you are not that much informed about what’s new in tech or which gadget is right for you – Don’t fret, we have the the best tech under $100 right here.

So, if you have 100 bucks and wondering on how to spend them, here are a few cool buys in the tech market.

Sanvada’s Tech Under $100

1. SONY SRSHG1: The Convenient & Powerful Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Sony has made a real revolution with the its upgraded model of the SRS X5, the compact Bluetooth speaker that does not compromise the size for music quality. Featuring touch targets instead of physical buttons, it’s definitely one of the neatest gadgets out there – you know, for whenever you need to take the music with you.

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2. The Pebble Steel: Your Wrist’s Best Friend 

The Pebble Steel is a wearable device that is more than just a watch. In the tech scene, it’s known as a smartwatch that can pair with any iOs or Android device and is quite affordable . You can wear it everywhere from the gym to the club, get quick notifications directly on your wrist – anything from texts to emails, missed calls or calendar pop-ups.

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3. The Blue Mic: For Podcasts On-The-Go

Brace yourselves, we are living in an era of podcasts and voiceovers for video. And in such an era, going anywhere without a powerful microphone is nonsense. The Blue mic is the perfect tripod-standing microphone that hooks to your computer through a USB-port and is pretty high-quality for something priced reasonably.

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4. Seagate Expansion 3TB External Hard Drive: Spacious And Elegant

From family photos to documents and old-school songs, you can store anything you want on the Seagate Expansion external drive. The best thing is that it packs 3 terabytes worth of data in a sleek and elegant look that complements any room or office.

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5. Logitech HD Pro C920 (1080p) Webcam

Skyping gets a lot better with Logitech’s HD cam that comes as a bargain. Packing a super wide angle lens, you can use it for practically anything, from business meetings to live YouTube gameplay videos. It syncs with both Windows and Mac computers and lets you zoom in, crop your image and enjoy the sharp 1080p footage – and lets your conversation partner enjoy it as well.

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6. PS4 Controller Charger: Solving The Battery Issue Pretty Well

The DualShock PS4 controller is amazing, but when it comes to battery life, everyone turns their head in the other direction. Thanks to the Energizer charging stand, you can now enjoy gaming and storing your controller on the perfect fit – instead of tangling with your micro USB cables.

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7. Bias Lighting: Late Night Gaming Got A Lot Easier

We all know the havoc that blue light does to our eyes when gaming late at night. However, that issue just got a lot easier thanks to the Antec’ Bias Lighting LED strip – the perfect thing to attach to the back of your display and enjoy the self-adhering feature. All that powered by your screen’s USB port and fitting up to 65-inch screens.

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8. The Roku Premier: The WiFi Streamer You Need

You can now stream Netflix, Hulu+ and other content services such as Pandora and Spotify for only $50 – thanks to the Roku LT which gives you one of the cheapest choices to cut the cable cord and enjoy the wireless revolution.

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9. iPod Shuffle: Stylish Sounds

No list is good without Apple on it. The iPod Shuffle got a lot better over the years and is now more stylish than ever – with a capacity to store up to 2GB of quality music that perfectly balances your jogs, computer sessions or work commute.

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10. HHRI ReElegant iPad Keyboard Case

Let’s face it – we all need a keyboard for our tablet sometimes. If you are a proud owner of an iPad, this is the perfect keyboard case that syncs with it. Typing a lot is no longer a problem – or as we like to say, something that only $30 can solve and get your iPad the protection and practicability it needs.

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Are you loving these gadgets just as much as we do? Or have better recommendations for us?

Drop us a line in the comments and share your thoughts!


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