Why did Apple leave the display market?


What a fantastic five years’ experience it has been for thunderbolt display enthusiast. Nonetheless, as the old adage goes all good things (must) come to an end. An official statement dated 23rd June, confirmed our worst fears; thunderbolt display would be discontinued. To rub salt into the wound, apple would not consider replacing thunderbolt display!

Getting it from the horse’s mouth:

“We’re discontinuing the Apple Thunderbolt Display. It will be available through Apple.com, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers while supplies last. There are a number of great third-party options available for Mac users.”

The Writing on the Wall

No specific reasons were provided as to why the production of Thunderbolt display was being halted. However, the Mac Observer, postulates three reasons informing the halt of the Thunderbolt display.

  • Thunderbolt display technology has been criticized for being outdated. Last updates were available in 2011!
  • The price tag attached (official price-$999) has been viewed as overpriced compared to similar and even superior competitors brands.
  • Cut-throat competition from competitors. No wonder the last sentence in the aforementioned press statement from Apple does direct you to ‘’great third-party options available for Mac users.’’

For starters, five solid years of existence is a century in the technology realm. Issues related to fierce cut throat competition, long in the tooth technology as well as being overpriced are some of the reasons being fronted for the closure of the Thunderbolt display production line. Will there be a replacement? Only time will tell.