Deal Digger: Anker 40W/8A USB Charger 59% Off, Down to $20 Right Now

anker powerport5

Anytime a charger powerful enough to charge multiple tablets and phones, at the same time goes on sale, we take notice. Anker chargers on sale are always worth a look and today is no exception. At 59% off, its normal $50 price, this is a deal you may now want to pass up.


Anker has grown to be one of the most trusted and well-known charging brands in the country. Most notable is the quality and power of their chargers. The PowerPoort 5 can charge anything from your 12″ MacBook to multiple tablets and mobile phones at once. Like most of their chargers, they have built in surge protection and temperature control. Last but not least is their PowerIQ andVoltage Boost which can charge most phones to 60% in under 15 minutes.


They boost of over 10 million happy customers and many of us here at sanvada are among that number. As with most Amazon sales it won’t last long, so if you have been wanting a powerful new charger you may want to act quickly.


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