2016 Buying Guide to Choosing the Best Flat Screen TV

best flat screen tv

This Year’s Guide to Choosing the Best Flat Screen TV

If you are looking to buy a television this year, you are faced with the most diverse and complicated television market than ever before!

There are so many things that you have to consider like various panel technologies, such as edge LED, direct LED and OLED, various resolutions such as UHD and HD, etc. You also have to take into consideration whether or not you want an HD range and in case you do, what level of HDR performance you want? You got to make the decision also on whether you want a flat screen or a curved screen? To be very honest, there is pretty much no thing that television brands are not trying to win over your wallets along with your hearts.

To some extent, you got to work out for yourself what features are important to you and which are not. It mostly depends on your own personal tastes and your viewing habits. Mainly think about the screen size that you can handle, whether your room is generally dark or bright, and what kind of sources you are likely to use.

Given below is a list of 2016 televisions to guide you:

  • Samsung KS9500 Series

These remarkably bright televisions do a wonderful job of uncovering the full greatness of the latest HDR content.

  • LG OLEDE6 Series

The latest OLED TV by LG brings together stunning contrast with an exceptional sound and an outstanding ultra-thin design. This series has the below models:

  • 55”: LG OLED55E6
  • 65” LG OLED65E6
  • Panasonic DX802 Series

Even though this one is ridiculously overpriced, the DX802 televisions combine a wonderful design with amazing sound and picture quality.

  • Samsung KS7000 Series

This series by Samsung combines enormous value with a slick smart TV system with ultra-bright HDR pictures.

  • Sony W805/809C Series

This amazing full High definition range of televisions proves that you do not need to have a 4000 resolution for delivering sumptuous picture quality.

  • Panasonic DX902 Series

This stunning TV is so good that it will take your breath away!

  • LG OLEDB6 Series

In case you are a fan of the idea of OLED technology, but cannot afford the above mentioned OLEDE6 series of LG, here are some which can fit into your budget just fine:

  • 55”: LG OLED55B6V
  • 65”: LG OLED65B6V
  • Sony XD9405 Series

If you’re more into home cinema than just television, then this wonderful 75” Sony beast can prove to be too hard to resist! It has the awesomeness of a home cinema and gives outstanding picture quality. In case you’re a movie buff and have enough space in your living area, the 75” Sony KD 75XD9405 is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

  • Samsung K5600 Series

The best HD TVs of Samsung for 2016 combine colorful pictures, high contrast with crisp design, and aggressive price. This series of Samsung gives HD picture quality with pretty attractive design in a good value. You can also do screen mirroring and enjoy the content you love on your tablets and smartphones as well.