Has Pokémon GO really died?

Pokémon GO died

Pokémon GO was definitely the hottest title of the Summer, but has Pokémon GO died? With millions of players all over the world, lots of craze generated in each US city. For the people that went into the Pokémon hunt, the craze was real this Summer and the game did make a ton of money as a result.

Pokémon GO this summer

But as Summer went by, Pokémon GO did lose a lot of players. New games started to appear, especially the console blockbusters, and the Pokémon GO player base began do dwindle more and more.
Toward the beginning of its release, the game was installed on 4-5 out of 10 smartphones in the US. The game population is a lot lower right now  but the game isn’t doing that bad. Around 20% of smartphone users are still playing the game in Japan, while in the US, 1 out of 10 smartphone users engaged in the Pokémon hunting experience.

Sure, it is a decline and quite a challenging one for sure. But then again, it’s understandable, because you won’t find that many smartphone gamers actually interested in the same game over and over unless it’s competitive. Although Pokémon GO has competitive aspects to it, such as holding down a gym for as long as possible, it also encourages people to go outside and play. Considering the fact that Winter is coming very soon, it’s expected to see people less interested in playing because they just can’t play the title as it was intended during the Winter season.


pokemon go die

The loss starts

Yet even if the game lost around 20 million players in the last few months, the revenue didn’t really dip that much. They lost roughly 2% of their total revenue, which isn’t exactly something worth noting to begin with.


Plus, Pokémon GO still is one of the top grossing apps in the mobile stores. Sure, it had a lot more downloads initially, but even now it still has regular downloads and you can still find new people interested in it. The decline is real, but it’s easy to understand why some of the players are not as dedicated to the game. They lost interest in it, especially after playing all Summer. This is mainly attributed to the slow release and lack of new and interesting features. Yet people that played it last Summer will come back to it as new updates are adding more Pokémon, promised interesting features, and lots of cool new items.


Basically, the package can be more and more appealing in the long run, so things can get really good for the game. It’s hard to know where this will go, but if we focus on how the game does right now, we shouldn’t worry that much for it. The total revenue for the game is well over $400 million and the return on investment is a very good one for sure.


Pokémon GO’s future

We can expect the Pokémon GO player population to dip lower than this, but in the end, the game was and still is a success. Having at least 1 smartphone gamer out of 10 still playing this game is definitely a win and if the new updates are good, we can see people coming back. So yes, people still play this game albeit in smaller numbers. But there’s no shortage of players at any gym, that’s for sure!