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Our goal is to stop companies from paying for software and hardware that they are not using. Our philosophy is “only pay for what you use”. Through this philosophy we can save our clients up to 80% on their IT expenses, which directly translates into increased profitability and shareholder equity.

SANVADA LLC High-Tech Cloud technology consulting firm that delivers products and services to consumers, businesses, and government clients.
Our products and services provide three levels of support;

Payer as you go, i.e. Pay per use.
Payer for initial Install, upgrade, or short-term support.
Payer for long term managed support and Product innovation.

Our Solutions include: proprietary software and data science driven solutions such as VPN & VPS capabilities, custom analytics dashboards, enterprise compliance and security, data migration, systems and process automation, individualized (BYOL) employee cyber security solutions,  AWS Workspaces for developers, cloud development and automation as well as proof-of-concepts (PoC), and prototyping software development.

Companies that do not learn to master and harness technology will be rules by those companies that have.

– Ian Robertson, Founder & CEO

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