Planet first, then universe: Humanity has polluted the orbit

Humanity was very proud to enter the cosmic age just 60 years ago. Sputnik 1 was the first artificial Earth satellite and The Soviet Union launched it into an elliptical, low Earth orbit on October 4, 1957.

After traveling about 70 million km (43,500,000 miles) and doing really important scientific researches it was burned up on January 4, 1958, as it fell from orbit upon reentering Earth’s atmosphere.

After years of space pioneering, the area around the planet Earth is overfilled with tons of massive space debris of other famous space vehicles such as Vostok aircraft, International Space Station, and different planet rovers. The amount of space debris is seemingly insurmountable. The next big sacrifice will be Hubble Telescope. The most famous telescope of our time is turning 25 years old, and NASA doesn’t have any official plans for upgrading the telescope, meaning its hardware will grow old and out-of-date in the coming years. Without assistance, Hubble can’t maintain its orbit forever, and eventually Earth’s gravity will pull the telescope to a fiery death.


How could  space debris be dangerous for us

You might think, that cosmos space is endless and comparatively tiny details could not harm it, that is furthest from the truth because systematic environmental changes have already begun.
Human created cosmic junk is made of high resistant materials and details could fly around the Earth for thousands or even millions of years. They constitute a permanent threat for active spacecraft and artificial satellites. According to the NASA research, the highest number of man-made space objects was 17,250 in 2015, and only 1,362 of them are active spacecraft.
The biggest cosmic junk danger is “Kessler syndrome” – each collision generating space debris that increases the likelihood of further collisions. So, without a solution to this problem, the cascading effect might be out of control very soon.


Elon Musk is known as on of the biggest modern space pioneers with his Mars colonization program. He is planning to build a huge space fleet, which will be used for constant traffic connection between Earth and Mars. Sounds like a great idea! Nevertheless, Space X space explorers must take increasing cosmic pollution into account in order to make transfer trajectories safe for people and don’t turn their company into the biggest cosmic junk generator.

What could be the solution?

In the next couple of decades it seems, humanity will be not able to solve this problem and the orbit of the Earth will be more and more polluted. The only possible solution is quite cinematic and inspired by the Hollywood movie “Armageddon”, where the easiest way to save our planet from a dangerous space object was to destroy it.

Space explorers are thinking of the possibility of an unmanned space station, which will be equipped with weapons for the destruction of both natural and man-made objects approaching the Earth. Not only will it clean our celestial space from dangerous space debris but it will also protect the Earth from big asteroids and, maybe, from extraterrestrial military threats.

At the moment, it sounds like a very Utopian project but maybe in couple of decades space junk problem will become humanity’s top priority.


Google Announces the Best Google Play apps 2016

Google summarizes the year for its digital content store – “Google Play”. Every year the corporation based in California publishes an annual report about the best Google Play apps for 2016 -including applications, games, movies, TV shows, books and music.

Here are some worthwhile mentions on the “Best Google Play apps 2016” list

As it was expected, Pokemon GO reached the first place among games for 2016. It is no wonder, because the hit of the year was the fastest mobile game to earn $600 million in revenue – and, in 90 days. Pokemon GO was installed on almost 11% of Android devices in the United States and users have spent 45% of their smartphone gaming time on this game.

Face Changer 2 has made it to the best Google Play apps 2016 list with 50 millions of users. This Application swaps faces between friends with favorite pop-culture characters. Selfie editing apps were really trending this year and you can see two more of them in the Google Play top-5 list: Lumyer and MSQRD.

In the movie category of 2016, superhero movie franchises are dominating the top-list, as well as in the book category, which is lead by Deadpool (comic book). It was even more popular than the highly expected Harry Potter book. Game of Thrones kept The Walking Dead away to once again claim the ‘Iron Throne’ as the most popular TV show of 2016.

Check out Google Play’s top five lists for the most popular content around the world for 2016 below:




TOP 5 MOVIES of 2016

TOP 5 TV SHOWS of 2016

TOP 5 BOOKS of 2016

    1. Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe by Cullen Bunn
    2. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two by J.K. Rowling, John Tiffany, Jack Thorne
    3. The Girl on the Train: A Novel by Paula Hawkins
    4. The Art of War by Tzu Sun
    5. Me Before You: A Novel by Jojo Moyes

Google Play was launched on March 6, 2012, bringing together the Android Market, Google Music, and the Google eBookstore under one brand, marking a shift in Google’s digital distribution strategy. The services operating under the Google Play banner are: Google Play Music, Google Play Books, Google Play Newsstand, Google Play Movies&TV and Google Play Games. The Google Play store has reached over 2.2 million apps published and over 50 billion downloads.

FlowMotion is the end of shaky videos

Do you remember the time, when selfie sticks ruled holiday season as the best present and must-have accessory? It was so popular because it solved one of the most annoying problems of people’s self-presentation on social networks – it has made frontal camera usage not so evident and amateur. Couple of years have passed and social network standards have changed. Modern trends of self-presentation turned into video form with Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, Youtube and Facebook live. But, so far, not every social media user is able to cut the qualitative video with his smartphone. At least until the FlowMotion Smartphone stabilizer was created.

Fortunately, the problem seems to be solved and regular selfie sticks have evolved into a stabilizer. Right now, FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer is really booming Kickstarter as it was 100% funded in just 1 hour! At the moment, it has crowdfunded $264K pledged of its $30K goal with 32 days to go.


What is special about the FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer?

FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer was developed by engineers, designers and professional videographers. It gives everyone an opportunity to capture smooth cinematic videos with your smartphone. FlowMotion Stabilizer markedly eliminates camera shaking, and with advanced auto follow technology built into the FlowMotion app, it will allow you to always be focused on the object. With just on touch on the screen, users will be able to mark the person and it will follow and keep them in the frame, no matter how they move. The stabilizer has multiple modes for any situation.

In pan mode, your smartphone is fixed in the vertical direction, but pans smoothly when it moves from side to side. In Lock mode, your phone is fixed relative to all axes and stands perfectly still. The handy combo Pan + Tilt mode makes it possible to cut the video and move your smartphone smoothly in all directions.


Lets look closer at some features

Flow Motion App has lots of semi-professional features like motion time-lapse, panorama, professional video shooting and multiple shooting modes, or the possibility to create personal custom presets. It synchronizes with the camera via Bluetooth.

Moreover, you can extend its functionality with a carbon extension pole, spare battery and custom GoPro Mount.

FlowMotion smartphone stabilizer is a high-quality electronic – durable, energy efficient and designed with surface-mount components in mind. All parts are carefully chosen to be optimized for mass production.

State-of-the-art control system and algorithms is the core of ONE and keeps a smartphone perfectly stable even when the user is not. By using sensors and advanced 3D stabilization software, three high precision electric motors rotate the smartphone (at 1000 Hz) to compensate for vibration and shaking.

FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer’s design is functional, ergonomic, versatile as well as rapidly manufactured.


Final thoughts

With the smartphone extension, everyone will be able to use auto-follow tracking, motion time-lapse, and so much more. Our social networks and modern live journalism are really in need of more professional videos, which could be easy to cut with a portable device, like our smartphones.

That’s why, this gadget could spread very fast throughout the world.

How Donald Trump won the presidency with ‘Big Data’ technology

How technology helped Trump win the elections

After the election night, a lot of people in the USA accused Exit Poll technologies and social sciences to be wrong in their predictions. Swiss Das Magazine has investigated, how ‘Big Data’ technology was successfully used in the Brexit referendum campaign and now, the Donald Trump presidential race.

Big Data technology origin

The technology of ‘Big Data’ was invented by Stanford University Ph.D. Michal Kosinsky.
During 2014 he was working on this psychographic project in British Cambridge University. When Dr. Kosinsky and his colleagues realized how dangerous this technology could be, they stopped the research. The project was finalized and commercialized by young entrepreneur A.Nix, who has founded political sociology company “Big Data: Cambridge Analytica”.

First practical experience of using the technology in political voting had huge success with global consequences: Great Britain left the European Union. The morning after the Brexit referendum was shocking for a lot of people in the UK. Before counting all votes, it seemed that “EU stay” supporters had a bigger media presence while Brexit agitation had successfully reached the majority of voters.

Where does the technology come into play?

It is no secret, that every one of our actions on the Internet leaves a digital trail. When you are searching for sport equipment in Google you will probably get some related Facebook ads. Every credit card purchase, every distance covered with a smartphone and every social network you are attached to is recorded. Previously, it was just used for direct marketing and had no real danger. This year, the situation changed as it was predicted by Utopian Literature authors that the technology has become political.

How Big Data technology works

Psychometrics science is in the base of Big Data technology. Internet users are analyzed with the OCEAN method, which an anagram of “Big Five” dimensions of individuality:

1. O for Openness – How ready are you for change?
2. C for Conscientiousness – How much of a perfectionist are you?
3. E for Extraversion – How social are you?
4. A for Amiability – How cooperative are you?
5. N for Neuroticism – How hurtful are you?


Every Facebook user fills this survey automatically by using the social network. Big Data technology analyzes likes and posts the user has created; in addition to his sex, age and location. This is how the researchers get the connections. For example, the system could identify the orientation of the user by analyzing music pages he had liked while extraversion could be identified by the quantity of friends.

According to Kosinsky, 68 likes are enough to prove user’s race with 95% probability, the same user’s orientation with 88% probability and whether he supports Republican or the Democratic Party with 85% probability. If, for instance, the system analyzes 70 likes, it will know the user better than a friend, if 150 – better than parents, if 300 – better than life partner. Moreover, it is able to analyze our profile picture and our daily tracks if we are using a smartphone.

With this data, political researchers create psychological portraits and then are analyzed by political consultants. Direct targeting on Facebook and many other platforms gives political experts a possibility to create a political ad for every potential doubting voter with a personalized topic from a political campaign, image, utilizing timing and even color.
So, it is extremely effective and reaches a perfectly targeted audience.

How Big Data technology comes to USA?

First to discover the technologies’ effectiveness was Trump’s republican forerunner – Ted Cruz. According to “Big Data: Cambridge Analytica” founder, Ted Cruz’s popularity boom was not possible without the technology. After the enormous success of Big Data in the UK, Trump became interested in working with the British company. He started to invest every month more and more in his campaign and welcomed ”Cambridge Analytica” to work in his Digital headquarters in San Antonio. The goal of this team was to follow doubting Republicans to the voting ballot and convince doubting Democratic voters to stay at their homes. For example, a message where Hillary names African-American men violent, was shown to doubting African-American democratic voters encouraging some of them not to vote on the election day. The strategy of Hillary was more global, she has worked mostly with mass media criticizing Trump and with their voters. Trump did not even win the majority vote, but thanks to strategical direct targeting, he won in doubting states.

Maybe Big Data technology wasn’t the only factor of Trump’s triumph but it was definitely an advantage over the Clinton’s team.

The next famous politician, who wants to use this technology is Marine Le Pen – right-wing French presidential candidate.

That’s how, modern technology could change the history and the future at the same time.

Smart Peak Flow gadget makes asthma control easy and fun

Everyone knows that asthma inhalers should be always within reach. This may not be the case for everyone, but we do know for most people, the one device you can always count on to be within reach is your smartphone. So, why not combine it?

This brilliant idea comes from Smart Respiratory products and we are happy to congratulate them for reaching and surpassing their goal of $12,000. They have created this gadget, called Smart Peak Flow, to help asthma sufferers to track and manage their lung function, much the same way a diabetic checks their glucose levels.

One of the benefits of this device and free app is to help digitally track an asthmatic’s lung function digitally rather than using paper charts.

How Smart Peak Flow could help asthmatics?

The idea of this device is to control how much much air the user can force out of his/her airways with a blow, which is an objective indicator of the asthma state. Smart Peak Flow is designed by Smart Respiratory products and is very simple and small.


The small device clicks into the audio jack of a smartphone (sorry, Iphone 7 users) and works seamlessly with a free app – available for Android and iOS . It seems to impossible to think, but this app turns asthma control into something fun because users are able to break their own records, accept challenges and rewards. The app enables you to keep track of your personal best and winning streaks, where it then award you virtual badges. You just need to inhale as much as you can and then exhale it into the tube as strong as you can.

Moreover, users will always be notified by the Smart Peak Flow app to take their medication and to perform peak flow measurements at regular intervals. This is very nice solution for asthma sufferers because it is the first of its kind to make the process of checking and maintaining charts of your lung function more comfortable and organized, all the while having a little fun with it. So, keep a lookout for it as it is scheduled to deliver in February 2017.

*This is not a medical device and is not used for curing, treating, or preventing asthma.

Amazon launches the most high tech grocery store in the world

American online shopping leader Amazon has worked on its Amazon GO project for the past four years and has finally launched it in Seattle. At first glance, it is a regular store, but with a closer look, there is something more inside. It is a new kind of store with no checkout lines or cashiers and the world’s most advanced shopping technology.

Amazon launches grocery store, now what?

The Amazon GO project managers decided to test how shopping would look when everyone can go into a supermarket, grab what she wants and simply leave the store without direct payments (ie. standing in long boring lines). The shopping process is quite simple: potential customer needs to install a special app on their smartphone, enters the store and shops like normal, and finally scans the QR-code with his smartphone and leaves the store. Seriously!


Amazon Go is totally managed by technology, specifically the much discussed artificial intelligence, machine Learning and video surveillance.

Certainly one of a kind

Presently, it is the only store of a kind and is situated on 2131 7th Ave in Seattle and occupies an area of 1800 square feet. During its beta-testing phase, it is accessible only by Amazon company workers but it will be opened to the public in the beginning of 2017.

Amazon has not explained or disclosed exactly how its technologies will provide such a consumer experience. Smart shopping is made possible by the same types of technologies used in self-driving cars: computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning.

This is a very smart store

The sensors developed by Amazon know when you pick up an item from the shelf and put it in your cart. It is possible to return goods on the shelf where it will then be removed from the customer’s tallying invoice. When the customer is done shopping and leaves the store, she will get a bill based on their shopping cart.

Amazon’s new high-tech shop offers not only regular goods, but also bakery, grocery and ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options.


Due to Amazon’s global scope and reach, it is also considered one of the most valuable brands worldwide. According to recent industry figures, Amazon is the leading e-retailer in the United States with more than 107 billion dollars in e-commerce and it ships 35 items every second. Nevertheless, Amazon is finishing this year with decreasing sales first time since it was founded in 1994. Perhaps that’s why, the billion dollar company is looking for ways to diversify its business and enter the offline market.

New Ecomo water bottle will test then clean your water

We’re constantly losing water from our bodies, so we need to constantly refill it. The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters, or half a gallon. For most, that is a lot of water to think about in a day.

For some countries with continental or even a desert climate, consuming such an amount of pure drinking water is quite an important resource. Even in countries where the drinking water supply is not an issue due to easy access to natural or commercial sources, the quantity of pure water decreases dangerously.

That’s why the Ecomo water bottle needs to be in every hand.

Portable water filtration: New gadget of today

A portable water filtering device could be the best solution for these instances. We are successfully using water filters at our homes but what if there was a device that makes them more personal and puts the water directly in a bottle?

It could decrease harmful plastic bottle usage, therefore making this device more eco-friendly and body friendly as commercial plastic bottles often leach harmful substances.

This is a great solution for people who care about the planet and personal health. Such a brilliant idea is booming on Kickstarter right now with a name Ecomo Water Bottle. The project has raised $500K on a $50,000 goal and are now delivering.

This concept seems to be special because among other portable water filters it is not only very functional, but also has a great design.

How the Ecomo Water Bottle works

First of all, users are able to fill it anywhere. You can use the water from a water fountain or from a stream for example. Then, if you want to test the water, just shake it up and the filtration system will examine the purity of the water and rates it with a simple summary: “Bad”, “Moderate” or “Great.”

If the user is not satisfied with the quality of the water he wants to drink, he could easily filtrate it with just a twist on the bottom of the bottle. Yes, the algorithm seems to be very simple and users could go a little bit deeper to track daily hydration goals with a removable wristband, which synchronize with a special app.

The wristband helps users to check hydration history, customize daily goals and receive hydration alerts.

Filtrating contaminates

Ecomo Water Bottle users can be confident in knowing that they are drinking pure water because of the 3-in-1 filtration system that removes most contaminants by using:

1. Activated Carbon Fiber to remove chlorine, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and petroleum

2. Ion Exchange Fiber to remove most heavy metals, including chromium, lead, mercury, copper and cadmium

3. Nanofiber Membrane to remove effectively up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.


The filter is easily to replace and users are notified by the lights on the bottom of the bottle when its time.The battery is really long lasting – one hour of charge equals one week of use.

So, this smart bottle is ready to be used here and now while solving a lot of our water consumption daily problems. This effective concept could be very popular in the nearest future and may become one of our irreplaceable gadgets.


New charger powered by your movement

Yes, it is true! The future predicted by blockbuster movie “Matrix” is coming without an Apocalypse.

Humanity of the XXI century needs constant and transportable personal energy sources. Multitudes of our everyday gadgets have high energy consumption, so we need to recharge them in order to stay mobile in our modern world. For this reason, the age of smart personal gadgets became the age of transportable energy sources as well. Transportable chargers were not effective enough because they were also dependent on constant energy sources. Solar energy recharge solutions give us more mobility but not full independence because the sun shines mostly less then 14 hours per day.

But, now one of the best solutions seems to be found!
A group of enthusiasts with a technical background have presented on Kickstarter the ‘HandEnergy’ charger which is basically a charger powered by your movement. Essentially, it transforms energy from our bodies into electricity and then stores it. You will be able to charge your smartphone, tablet and gadgets anytime and anywhere!


How does the HandEnergy work?

The generator works with a person’s wrist movement. You just need to turn it on and release the starter ring. It will transmit an impulse to the rotor where it will then rotate the HandEnergy generator with your wrist movement. Of course, energy could not be produced in static and you will need to put a little effort on rotation with an average speed of 5000 RPM (about 0.536 Horsepower). The magnetic rotor transmits mechanical power to the stator and produces an electric current, charging the built-in batteries. With this stored energy you will be able to charge via USB Output 5V 1A; your smartphone, action camera, tablet, smartwatch, flashlight, tracker, e-book or speakers.

The charger, developed by, is very compact and looks like an apple, or PokeBall, for the Pokémon fans out there know what I mean. This is the most efficient electricity generator adapted to our hands.

Moreover, it is eco-friendly and produces completely clean energy. You can also train your hands with wrist movement, which is very useful for people who spend a lot of time working with computers.

HandEnergy has the same current as when you charge devices from the socket. However, to charge the battery for HandEnergy, rotating takes a bit longer due to lower current from energy generation. has even developed an app for this charger, which allows you to track the generation of energy you create and to share it with friends.

The future of dynamo machine chargers

As long as major corporations are not able to find an extensive solution to recharge their gadgets, such indie ideas would continue to develop and become more and more popular. Of course, it is hard imagine a world where people are constantly doing charging exercises, but this could be the perfect solution for some people who are looking for energy backup like travelers and nightlife fans. Moreover, augmented reality app developers could use the rotation idea or rotor generator technology to create a game that has no harm on your smartphone’s battery, but helps to charge it instead.

See what others are saying about it:


The Apple self driving car coming sooner than you think

Apple corporation has joined the debate over the regulation of driverless cars, sending a letter to the National Department traffic safety.

Apple urged regulators not to limit the testing of such vehicles.

According to the Reuters report, the letter from Steve Kenner, the director of product and systems development, is the most detailed statement of its interest in the creation of driverless vehicle technology.

Kenner’s letter statement: “Apple uses machine learning to make its products and services smarter, more intuitive, and more personal. The company is investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and is excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation.” He also noticed that properly made vehicles could help prevent millions of car crashes and thousands of deaths each year. As far as we know, the Apple has taken a strong interest in order to enter the new booming market.driverless car

Next Apple Product?

The first rumors about an Apple created car appeared in 2014, with the launch of “Project Titan” at a secret location near Cupertino. It was reported, that Apple has invited about 1000 high-class workers to create a top-secret automotive product.  Some of them was worked in the automotive industry in companies like Tesla, Ford and GM. The electric vehicle by Apple with autonomous driving capabilities could be created in collaboration with big automotive brands, like BMW, Daimler, and Magna Stey. According to the Silicon Valley rumors, there was a lot of business talks between top-managers of this companies. This information hasn’t been proved and no-one knows about the current progress of the driverless system development.

On the edge of 2016 Apple has provoked another wave of conjecture about its automotive future plans. They have registered three cars-related domains, such as,, and Moreover, they have invested $1 billion into Chinese ride-hailing start-up Didi Chuxing, which is booming on the Asian market.


So, it became clear,  that Californian corporation see its future in the automotive branch too.
According to the most ambitious predictions, we could see the driverless automobile by Apple around 2020 but, maybe, the corporation will be ready to announce some innovative related products in the nearest future.

The future of Transportation?

The new technology could solve lots of problems in the future. The main issue is safety. Smart computer driven automobiles could dramatically reduce car crash level because of human’s factor exclusion. More then 1.1 million people a year died in the USA alone. The majority of these accidents involved alcohol-impairment, high-speed or aggressive driving. If a human driver isn’t required, automated cars could also reduce labor costs making most goods and services less costly. Urban traffic and parking places in the city area could be optimized, as well. This technology could drive us to future economy model and revolutionize the world even more than Smartphones. That’s why, Apple is definitely ready to join the race.

Facebook launches games within messenger

Facebook keeps in the leading position in the messengers market with their ‘WhatsApp’ and ‘Messenger’ Apps. Although these apps are extremely popular and reach more then 1 billion monthly active users, this corporation wants to make their users spend more time on the platforms, which is why Facebook launches games for its enormous user base. Facebook has announced beta testing of a gaming platform ‘Instant Games’, which gives its users the opportunity to play games directly on Messenger and Newsfeed. It is developed on HTML5 base and will work in web version as well as Android 5.0 and iOS 8.0 mobile versions.

Facebook launches games in messanger, so how do you play?

Messenger users will have simple access to ‘Instant Games’ platform by locating the icon near the stickers, just below where people type a message. In the web version, there will be a separate tab with all games. You will notice some call-to-action buttons on your newsfeed soon. New games will be promoted via recommendations, posts, challenges, and the Facebook Pages of individual games. According to developers of the new platform it, “offers a fun and social experience featuring score-based games, leaderboards, and group thread conversations to challenge and compete against anyone.” Instant Games beta testing version is currently available in North American and 30 European countries. Players could compete simultaneously, or asynchronously, through common friends players scoring rate. Currently, the games do not include internal purchases and can not be promoted by developers. Eventually Facebook will launch such an opportunities.


Which new games could we play?

There are 17 Instant Games available now to play, with many more to come, including popular titles from arcade classics, to action and other modern favorites. Due to the collaboration of Facebook developers with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc., users will be able to play such classics, as PAC-MAN and Galaga. Space invaders – the first game in the gaming history, where the enemy character attacks the player, is also available on the platform.  Such famous game developers, as Konami and Zynga are also represented on the new cross platform.

How many people play games on Facebook?

Since 2008 Facebook keeps leading positions among social game platforms. The beginning of the social gaming age, was its top time period because people spent hours of their time in extremely popular virtual farming. Thanks to 30% inside game purchasing commissions, this web-platform bring about $250 million in income to Facebook per quarter. In spite of the quantity of Facebook users increasing steadily, social gaming is stagnating.  Nowadays, users spend around 15% of their time on Facebook playing social games, while average income decreased to $200 per quarter. The biggest social network is not the only one, which develops gaming platform in messenger on HTML5 base. The first one to enter this technology was Pavel Durov’s Telegram, which launched a similar platform in October. That’s why, Facebook is ready to get back into the social gaming race.

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