Enkronos Apps: FeelGrid IoT Empowering Platform

“Enkronos Apps” is a powerful multi-application ecosystem for advertising solutions, marketing and promotions, gamification, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, internet of things, big data and e-democracy, just to name a few areas.

FeelGrid has been released in its first version on 05.05.2017 and will be available on Enkronos Apps on 30.11.2018.

Enkronos team introduced FeelGrid, IoT empowering platform for wide areas monitoring and we described you FeelGrid Smart Vineyard for the wine sector.

This is a very useful application that allows you to deal with various problems in different sectors, both public and private, such as:

  • verification of water level in rivers;
  • calculation of flow rates in rivers;
  • calculation of the water level in wells even up to several tens of meters deep;
  • water management in water networks and pipelines;
  • calculation of flow rates in mountain streams.

This has an impact on safety issues related to the hydrogeological structure of the territory and on the efficiency of water management in various sectors such as construction or agriculture.

As for what concerns hydrogeological safety in recent years because of climate change there is an increasing difficulty of measuring levels of rivers to prevent floods and disasters. Thanks to FeelGrid managers at various levels of territorial authorities now can have a very convenient technology for real-time monitoring of trends in river levels and floods, to be able if necessary to better manage emergency operations by encouraging prevention operations rather than interventions after occurred disasters.

As for regards other civic uses, in general, the adoption of integrated strategies in water management leads to reductions in water supply costs up to 20%, with impact also for cities. In fact, the use of IoT FeelGrid technologies makes it possible to better address complex water management projects, such as in works related to old infrastructures, allowing municipalities to reduce operating costs in municipal works, maintenance and more.

Regarding multi-utility and municipal companies, FeelGrid allows to considerably improve the efficiency of water networks, not leaving in the dark “the last mile”, letting only the complaints of users to do the task of reporting malfunctions, but use sensor grids to monitor their operation proactively and in advance.


All the applications that will be published share a unified authentication system (SSO) that will also facilitate interoperability and greatly enhance every data-driven project in a common cloud-based environment. In general, for multi-utility, the most obvious advantages of using FeelGrid solutions can be summarized as follows:

  • Detection of water leaks
  • More efficient systemic water management
  • Monitoring of water quality and safety
  • Quality control of water reserves
  • Transparency on consumption
  • Prescriptive maintenance on the infrastructure

For any specific need about water management projects, please feel free to reach team directly with any questions.

For more info you can visit www.feelgrid.com.

FeelGrid is a solution by Enkronos d.o.o. and it is also part of their ICO Project.

LeadRex: AI-based Platform for Lead Generation

LeadRex is the lead generation one-stop shop platform for launching effective online advertising campaigns and realize digital marketing strategy in extremely less time, providing good quality lead generation by AI.

The lead generation market has a lot of actual problems the solution of which is assumed by the LeadRex Platform

Visionary value of this project for the industry of online advertising and digital marketing is the progressive development of lead conversion and increase online sales for the B2B and B2C.

Check out how it works here.

The core of the platform integrates all the components necessary for launching and running the campaign, which can be used simultaneously or connected of necessity:

Marketplace will be able to offer premium solutions from thirdparty developers and LeadRex teams for the constructor of selling pages, banners and chat bots.

Constructor of selling pages with a set of ready-made templates from professional UX-designers and marketers. If desired, each user of the platform will be able to create his own template using a bank of ready-made building blocks and technology “drag-n-drop”. Each landing will turn out to be unique and can change the result of issuing to the requests of a client.

Constructor of banners with a set of ready-made templates from professional marketers. If desired, each user of the platform will be able to create his own banner using a bank of ready-made building blocks and technology “drag-n-drop”.

Constructor of chat-bots with sets of ready-made templates from professional marketers. If desired, each user of the platform will be able to create his own chat-bot using a bank of ready-made building blocks and technology “drag-n-drop”, and the visual constructor will be executed as a “mind map”. It is not necessary to be able to prescribe the algorithm of the chat-bot operation, it is enough to know what actions it should perform and in what order.

The targeted advertising module in social networks will help you set up a campaign thanks to a bank of advertising posts and a handy editor with real-time results displayed.

The contextual advertising module with a set of ad templates from professional marketers. If desired, each user of the platform will be able to create his own ad or template, according to which it will be created. A convenient editor will be also available to view the result in real time.

The analytics module is the link for all modules of the system. Each user of the platform will be able to generate statistics about each launched advertising campaign or the operation of a separate module. All information will be available in real time. Based on the results of the generated statistics, optimization options will be offered.

CRM-system in real time collects customer database and their history of actions. The analytical base for buyers of all service users is formed from the collected data, which allows more efficient selling of related services or goods.

Artificial intelligence in real time analyzes a lot of advertising channels and end-to-end analytical database of customers, assembled and structured by categories CRM-system. It forms a retargeting base for generating additional sales by offering discounts through the display of banners, ads or personalized offers.

The API provides two-way integration of the LeadRex platform with other services.

Integration modules allow you to connect to the platform any site for analysis of user behavior and the formation of personalized proposals based on its interests.

Multifunctional smart contracts provide transparency of the reporting system for depositors and they are responsible for the formation of an analytical database.

Main use of LeadRex Decentralised AI Lead Generation

The center of the platform combines every component that is required for the launching and running of a campaign. Such components include CRM system, artificial intelligence, reporting, and analytics.

In order to participate on the platform, the user or his agent registers on the personal account or on the cabinet of the agent. The user then provides detailed information about their company on the system and thereafter creates an advertising campaign depending on the sales channel selected by use of tools such as landing page, contextual advertising, and media advertising.

The user can select the audience for the advertisement from the client base of their own or that on the platform. The user can then easily monitor the effectiveness of the campaign by use of the personal cabinets.

The platform’s LDX tokens are utility tokens that are ERC20 compliant on the Ethereum ecosystem. Users can acquire them during the company’s Initial Coin Offering. Holders of the LDX tokens are given discounts, modern tools used for advertising campaigns and early access to innovations in the platform. The token is considered as the platform’s internal currency and used for payments of ready solutions provided on the platform.

LeadRex LDX Token ICO Details

  • Token symbol: LDX
  • Accepted payment method: BTC and ETH
  • Total token supply: 135,900,000


  • Round one: 19,000,000LDX from 10.07.2018 to 30.07.2018
  • Round two: 25,000,000 LDX from 31.07.2018 to 20.08.2018
  • Round three: 24,000,000 LDX from 21.08.2018 to 10.09.2018

Enkronos ICO: Decentralized Blockchain-Based Accountability System For Business

The blockchain technology as well as to have become a kind of mantra in fintech and government field is now attracting more and more in-depth interest for its possibile applications in different business areas. The recent interest and involvement of many and main industry players, for example, is a signal of this clear trend.

Businesses, unless they’re a startup company, rarely interact directly with their consumers. This is especially true as companies make the transition from small to large-scale enterprise. The level of interaction that these businesses then have with their end-user grows ever distant.

Businesses also frequently outsource their needs for aspects of marketing like communications, advertising and social media to outside companies. Making the process of initiating a marketing campaign even longer than it has to be.

With blockchain and, more importantly, with Enkronos Apps, this outsourcing and concerns with the security of information will be things of the past. Enkronos apps refer to a collective of applications through the overarching Enkronos blockchain.

“Enkronos Apps” are a unique data driven multi-application platform for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions.

Via: ico.enkronos.com

These apps allow for a unique data-driven, multi-application platform. Capable of hosting previously outsourced aspects of a company like advertising, marketing and big data solutions.

Enkronos seeks to provide companies with a focus previously lost when outsourcing. Allowing them to refocus on the wants and needs of the end user, with crucial areas of the business made easily accessible.

According to the company, content creators using the collection of apps will be able to get direct and immediate feedback. The system also allows for an improved level of security, while not sacrificing the programmes underlying versatility and speed.

Via: ico.enkronos.com

“All applications of the environment use a single centralized sign-in (SSO) environment. This removes any authentication or data authorization issues that an application could have and eases the use of all applications throughout the world of Enkronos Applications.”

Enkronos Apps provides the right mixture of centralisation of data and areas that are essential to business growth. While also providing an increased level of transparency between verified users with all the security that blockchain provides.

Enkronos public token sale is expected to start from September 18th 2018 until November 20th, giving investors plenty of time to weigh their options on this exciting ICO.

Vuulr: Creating a New Broadcast Content Economy on the Blockchain

Media providers live and die by the quality of the content they offer to the viewer, rather than the quantity. Either traditional channels or streaming services need to entice customers to sign up (or stay) by including must-watch movies, series, sporting events, etc., in their programming.

$240 billion per year is spent by Broadcasters and OTTs on acquiring Film, TV, Sports, and eSports content, but around 40% of that value can be lost to the cost and friction of the transaction. The entire industry is unwieldy and disjointed.

Vuulr changes that paradigm.

What Is Vuulr?

Vuulr’s vision is to create a new global broadcast content economy; bringing content buyers, sellers, creators and brands together in a vibrant, integrated ecosystem; democratizing access and enabling innovative new business models for the future. Using the Blockchain, Vuulr’s end-to-end solution will revolutionize Title Discovery, Acquisition, Sponsorship, Delivery, and Payment, enabling the industry to transact faster with reduced friction and eliminate wasteful manual rework.

This increased efficiency will allow the industry to recover significantly lost value. Broadcasters and OTTs will be able to bring better content to their audiences and a greater percentage of revenue will be available to the production industry for the creation of better content.

The Vuulr ICO: Quick facts

  • Token name – vuu
  • Total number of tokens issued – 1bn
  • Total number of tokens available for sale – 350m
  • Token price – $0.06
  • Hard cap – $18.5m
  • ICO Start & End dates – tbd

Token Allocation

See below graph.

Source: Vuulr

The Vuulr Marketplace: Connecting content creators with buyers via the blockchain

The Vuulr digital marketplace will become a meeting point for content owners, buyers, and sponsors. Blockchain technology will speed up content acquisition, turning a slow and protracted process into an easy, cost-effective transaction.

The marketplace will provide functionality such as:

  • Content search and discovery
  • Screening and evaluation
  • Negotiation of Terms & Conditions
  • Payments

Check the Vuulr Whitepaper for a full description of Vuulr’s functionality.

How it works

Content creators and distributors will list their offering on the Vuulr platform. This content can be movies, TV shows, sporting events, or many other types of media.

An algorithm will match the buyer with the type of content they are seeking, creating an environment where everyone finds what they are looking for.

Vuulr will use machine learning and recommendation engine technology to drive this interaction quickly. Once connected, providers and buyers can negotiate rights packages, etc.

According to the Vuulr website, the platform will enable a maximum time lapse of 24 hours between content discovery to delivery, driven by the Vuulr Supply Chain.

The Vuulr Supply Chain: Marketplace to provider, fast

One of the core ideas of the Vuulr platform is the creation of an effective supply chain through which content can flow from creator to viewer in as little time as possible, and with fewer associated costs.

The Vuulr Supply Chain is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and will include functionality such as:

  • Unique title identification
  • Title metadata
  • Rights Management

Consult the Vuulr Whitepaper for a full description of the Vuulr Supply Chain.

Vuulr’s value proposition includes the Metadata Refinery, which enables community members to monetize their existing knowledge of movies and TV shows, by managing and expand metadata (the small chunks of text that give an overview of a TV show episode or movie).

Currently, the acquisition and editing of metadata is rather fragmented and difficult to put together, requiring the work of Metadata Editors to do the job. Each network and media service employs their own team of editors, which often leads to redundant or duplicate information.

Users of the Vuulr can contribute to the expansion and refinement of existing metadata through the Refinery, a task that will be rewarded with vuu tokens. The more an user contributes, the more tokens they’ll receive, thus monetizing their knowledge of films and TV shows.

The VUU token

According to the Vuulr website, the VUU Token will be available to denominate and transact with on the Vuulr Platform.

In other words, vuu will be the internal currency used for all transactions across the platform.

The token will be used for:

  • Rewards program
  • Payments
  • Subscriptions
  • Supply Chain services

Consult the Vuulr Whitepaper for a comprehensive list of token services.


Vuulr offers a novel and attractive proposition, turning the blockchain into a digital marketplace where content providers and broadcasters can meet and get a good deal.

The platform offers comprehensive services, with the added bonus of the Refinery, where users can edit and expand metadata, earning rewards through knowledge. This is quite a unique feature on the blockchain, so Vuulr stands in a pioneering position.

UHIVE — The New Era of Social Networking

Cryptocurrencies are digital currency designed to represent the architecture of the internet. Rather than counting on a standard financial institution to guarantee and verify business deals, cryptocurrency transactions are examined or “confirmed,” by the computers of the users on the currency’s network. The computers used in verifying the deals usually receive little amount of the currency as a reward. The process of receiving rewards in exchange for verifying transactions is called “mining,” and it is the main way that new currency is produced. Mining works in different dimension for different currencies.

Why HIVE Tokens ?

HIVE token is a new digital currency designed for use within UHive. UHive is a next generation, decentralized social network that aims to become the largest and most trusted decentralized social network in the world. Since the platform was launched, it has been written about by many different publications, and has been talked about and shared on social media; creating a real buzz.

A spokesman for UHive explained more about the platform, “The new social network emphasizes privacy, security, and responsiveness to the community. The UHive platform will eventually include a full social interface that connects people around the globe”

Tokens also add new value to individuals, businesses, marketeers and social influencers. HIVE Tokens signify the birth of a new digital era of economy, as they are fundamental in the transactional process for products, digital assets and services.

UHive which can be found on Google Play Store and in the iOS App store wanted to find a way to get the message out about their platform while at the same time involving their members. Instead of wasting money on expensive advertising, the people behind Sphere decided to share that money with its members by paying them to promote their platform.

The thinking behind the promotion shows how UHive is not only ahead of its time, but they believe in looking after and involving their members.

A four-year incubated project by Genie9 Co and encompasses over ten years of expertise in Big Data, A.I., user experience, and advanced backup technology, with a database of over 10 million users and over 1000 global partners, UHIVE is planning on releasing 20 billion HIVE Tokens in the upcoming ICO
(Initial Coin Offering).


More information about the UHive idea, as well as the ICO can be found on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram, with a breakdown of the project available in the whitepaper.

facebook: www.facebook.com/uhivesocial
twitter: www.twitter.com/uhivesocial
instagram: www.instagram.com/uhivesocial
youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCYeBI0Gq3xh8xVEgtqUEahA
telegram: www.t.me/uhivesocial
whitepaper: https://ico.uhive.io/wp-content/uploads/UHIVE_Whitepaper.pdf

For more information about our whitepaper, telegram and smart contracts and ICO details. Visit us at — www.uhive.io.*

*The company offers 1,000 to 10,000 free UHIVE tokens to anyone joining its Telegram group. Those interested in doing so can join through our website link — www.uhive.io

Twitter DOWN – Social Network on the Fritz

Twitter is down across India, social network users have claimed. Thousands of Twitter users have reported a problem with the service.

Twitter is experiencing repeated server failures.

Mobile users have been left unable to refresh their Twitter timeline, or login to the service, with desktop users confronted with a warning that reads: “Something is technically wrong.

Source: DownDetector

As of 8:05PM IST, outage tracker Downdetector.com shows a spike in twitter outage reports worldwide.

Users landed on a screen with a blue background carrying a graphic of a robot with a broken hand, indicating broken link.

A message on the website read: “Something is technically wrong. Thanks for noticing – we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.”

Source: Twitter.com

Downdetector.com registered a peak of more than 7,000+ Twitter users reporting issues with the social networking giant.

The issue seems to be impacting the Twitter homepage, but some other pages remain unscathed. The developer dashboard is up and running, and it’s still possible to create applications. Tweetdeck is also good as new, and you can still access tweets through the Search page.

Our team has reached out to Twitter team and will update this post when we hear back. For the time being, maybe it’s time to get back to work—or just obsessively refresh Twitter until it comes back.

Update, 10:30am: The outages happening all around the world don’t appear to be having any negative impact on Twitter’s stock price. The company’s stock is up over 7 percent on the day, at least partly due to Morgan Stanley issuing a report that says Twitter is “improving user growth.”

Source: Twitter

Pretty hard to improve user growth when your service isn’t even working.

The social media giant Twitter is yet to officially announce the reason behind the global outage.

Why Should You Choose Ambit ICO mining?

Ambit ICO mining is the mining operation that was initiated in Tbilisi, a free industrial area, Georgia. Georgia is recognized as among the best cryptocurrency friendly nations worldwide. It is having good favorable regulations, supportive business environment and plenty green energy.

Source: Ambit Mining

Mining ICO targets to enhance its existing operation with huge funding and create a large-scale crypto-currency mining operation available for the community.

Advantages of Ambit Mining

One of the main benefits of Ambit mining is that its mining location is a free economic area in Tbilisi. They are using the best accessible mining equipment from leading hardware manufacturers, wiring solution to ensure maximum profitability as well as efficiency and cooling machine for cutting edge.

Here are some of the advantages of mining ICO:

– Auspicious government Regulation

– Value-added taxes/tax free zone

– Affordable green electricity ($0.05 per kW/h)

– Uniqueness from corporate

– Generates income

Are You Qualified to Invest in Ambit-ICO-mining?

Anyone around the world apart from people who have a green card and United State can participate in mining ICO. People are normally advise to confirm their local legislation before they invest in Ambit mining.

The community members who have decided to contribute to this project always have the opportunity of becoming Part of Ambit-ICO mining family.

Every community participant can an access to transparent and regular information as far as mining ICO operation is concerned. In addition, Ambit ICO members can achieve tokens from Ethereum AMBT that represent their shares in Ambit ICO mining.

The tokens offered to members entitle them to a profit share from ICO mining operations. The token holders always receive a net profit of 75% while 25% that remains reinvested and infrastructure funding. The $100 is the minimum equivalent of BTC or ETH.

Forms of Payment Accepted During Ambit ICO

The investors are allow to transfer ETH or BTC from their personal account, however the transferred funds from the exchanges can never be credited. There are transaction charges for cryptocurrency payment by relevant infrastructure blockchains.

By setting the amount, the transaction speed will determine the transaction charges that you have set. The first payment normally starts from hosting facility in four months after ICO’s ultimate and the entire payment are set to begin after six months of Ambit ICO.

The Purpose of the KYC Process

KYC is a procedure in the business of verifying and identifying the clients’ identity. Knowing your customer is very important in whichever financial institution.

Verify your KYC profile is obligatory to unlock your AMBT token during the ICO sale and Pre-Sale. The entire KYC document can be upload to the Ambit website. Only the verification post can activate the Ambit tokens.

Ambit ICO mining is different from other ICO companies with a net profit worth $1.3 million annually. The funds are collect for the expansion is for existing project, rather than starting a project from scratch. The project offers the investors a good condition such a tax-free zone release, low electricity supply, ensures a maximum profitability and affordable cost for modern equipment.

Pluralsight Files for Its Initial Public Offering

Utah-based education startup Pluralsight popular with technology professionals, has filed confidentially for an IPO, the company announced on Monday.

Investors have speculated about Pluralsight’s IPO ambitions since 2014, when it raised $135 million in Series B funding and subsequently joined the unicorn ranks with a $1 billion valuation. Two years later, the company raised an additional $30 million and reported revenue of over $100 million.

Not much information is available about Pluralsight’s financials since its S-1 is still under wraps. It’s somewhat unusual for a company to issue a press release announcing that it has confidentially filed IPO paperwork.

The company’s biggest challenge is explaining to Wall Street what differentiates Pluralsight from its many competitors.

Source: Pluralsight

The venture-backed “unicorn” has been a late stage company for several years now.

Pluralsight works primarily with large tech organizations to help them train their employees “at scale.” Among their biggest customers are VMware, AT&T, Tableau and Adobe.

Pluralsight is the latest enterprise tech startup to file to go public on the tailwind’s of Dropbox’s successful IPO in late March. It’s joined by Zuora, DocuSign, SmartSheet, and Pivotal, all which filed to go public over the course of March.

ESPN Streaming Service to Launch April 12 for $4.99/Month

ESPN unveiled its new streaming service, which it’s calling “ESPN+“, on Thursday, April 12. The service will be integrated into a “re-imagined” version of the ESPN app, Disney says in a note with more details on content.

ESPN+ cost of $4.99/month (or $49.99/year) and will be integrated into a new ESPN App, as well as available through ESPN.com.

Source: ESPN

For ESPN+, the company is promising subscribers more than 190 MLB and NHL games, a year-round boxing schedule, more than 260 MLS games, college sports, PGA events, and more.

The new services is separate from ESPN’s current cable TV channel and programming, which will continue to be available via cable, satellite and telco distributors and through TV Everywhere apps.

In addition to live games, the ESPN+ service will offer original shows and film, exclusive studio programs and an on-demand library including ESPN’s 30 for 30.

Source: ESPN

ESPN share the ESPN+ logo for the first time today, too. The black-and-yellow logo still has the same font as ESPN’s logo, but with an added plus sign to the right of the text.

A Disney branded service featuring content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel & Lucas Film is scheduled to launch next year.

Both streaming services use BAMTech as their technical backbones.

Kevin Mayer, Chairman, Direct-to-Consumer and International, The Walt Disney Company said, “The launch of ESPN+ marks the beginning of an exciting new era of innovation for our media businesses – one defined by an increasingly direct and personal relationship with consumers. This new product reflects our direct-to-consumer strategy focused on combining our beloved brands with our proprietary, industry-leading technology to give users unparalleled access to our world-class content.”

For more details about ESPN+ – including further details about live sports, original and on-demand programming and more – will be announced ahead of launch.

CEO Of Miner One Makes Bold Prediction About the Future of Bitcoin

Mining is becoming unprofitable for many…and that’s a good thing! says the CEO of Miner One. Read the interview to find out why.

Pranas Slusnys, CEO of Miner One — a crowdfunded crypto mining company that is in the middle of its Crowdsale and is promising to be the world’s most profitable — is making some bold predictions about the future of bitcoin and bitcoin mining, and explains Miner One’s strategy to weather the storms.

Pranas, let’s get right to it. BTC is well off its December highs, mining difficulty has shot upwards, and there’s lots of chatter these days about mining no longer being profitable. You are starting a crypto mining project under such conditions?

Well, we have been saying from the outset that profitable bitcoin mining is no longer something amateurs can do at home with improvised equipment. We started saying that late last year and people said “come on, we make good money mining”. The current situation has proven us right sooner than expected.

To mine profitably these days, you need top-of-the-line equipment at rock-bottom prices, you need to constantly be upgrading it to stay competitive with existing industrial mining outfits, you need low overhead, especially electricity and cooling costs, and you need 24/7 maintenance. How many people currently mining are able to do this? The answer is not many. But bitcoin price levels like we saw late last year covered up a lot of inefficiency. Even sloppy mining could be profitable. That is no longer the case, which is why after the hype has subsided now we hear a lot of moaning and groaning about how unprofitable mining has become. But the ones who are complaining and spreading fear are the ones who weren’t doing it very efficiently to begin with.

So, if you are super-efficient, it’s still possible to mine bitcoin profitably, no matter what?

I’m not going to say that it can be profitable “no matter what”. I will say that the bitcoin network is designed to work the way it does and to promote efficient mining, which is to say the efficient processing of bitcoin transactions. Doing it at home in most cases just isn’t going to be efficient.

Anyway, Bitcoin is supposed to be a currency suitable for transactions and savings, not an instrument of speculation. Do people sometimes speculate in currencies? Yes. But currency, at its basis, should be a reliable store of value. It’s hard for it to be that if its value is fluctuating by more than 50%. So return to a more normal trendline is beneficial.

I think we can all see that a certain bitcoin mania developed late last year that now looks to have been a speculative bubble. What was at one point a niche experiment broke through, took off, and became a hot topic. People with money to invest were seized by fear of missing out and jumped in without much thought. This caused bitcoin to skyrocket. Skyrocketing bitcoin, in turn, caused a lot of people to jump into mining, because at sky-high bitcoin prices, as I said, even low-efficiency mining could be profitable. This caused difficulty to increase at rates that, I believe, are not going to continue over the long run.

You predict mining difficulty will actually decrease?

Yes, I do. The bitcoin network is actually designed to adjust that way.

Seems that hardly ever happens…

Well, bitcoin has hardly been in a situation like the current one. Let’s remember what we are talking about here: a completely new phenomenon that barely has a track record on which to base any predictions. Almost everything going on in cryptocurrency is uncharted territory. It’s important for investors to know this. This entails both a big potential upside, but also risk. We’ve been very candid about the fact that great rewards go hand in hand with certain risks. Nevertheless, as we know, people easily get caught up in the hype and lose their heads jumping into things they have little understanding of.

Source: MinerOne

Chart illustrates bitcoin price and difficulty increases as well as trendlines and predictions

The sort of bubble that bitcoin got into late last year is not sustainable, nor is the mining that has been going on over the past few months. So difficulty will come down as more and more miners get those electricity bills, realize the mining they are doing can no longer be profitable, and exit the system.

So why will mining difficulty decrease?

Because mining is becoming unprofitable for all but the most efficient miners. And that’s a good thing. That is a competition Miner One can definitely win. We have what it takes to be the best.

Does any of this change Miner One’s basic strategy?

We have said from the outset that Miner One will be buying top-of-the-line miners at great prices and will mine with an efficiency that will put other miners to shame. We have an ideal location in Luleå, Sweden, where the climate keeps cooling costs minimal, and electricity is cheap, plentiful, and 100% green. And we have the best team to set it all up and put it in motion.

Meanwhile, the current difficulty:BTC price ratio will have the effect of pushing out inefficient miners, leaving more room at the top for Miner One and others who know how to do it right. We do not expect the current difficulty:BTC price ratio to stay as it is over the long haul. But we do expect bitcoin to continue along its general upward trend. It is a proven technology that works and is attractive for many reasons. Although bitcoin’s recent decline was just as dramatic as its spike late last year, if you look at the overall trendline, it is positive. Just think back to what it was worth exactly one year ago and compare it to today. Last year in March it was trading in the range of USD 1,100–1,300. Even at today’s USD 8,300, that’s a remarkable return.

So your message, in short, is “keep calm and Miner One”?

Absolutely. Miner One is not a 1- or 2-month project, and we are not amateurs. Our team knows what it is doing. We have made plans for various scenarios, and are prepared to adapt, as needed.

That said, it’s important to keep the risks in mind. We’ve said many times it’s a new and unsettled field with risks as well as potential rewards. People who are looking for a sure bet with zero risk should look elsewhere. On the other hand, if bitcoin is your interest and you can handle the risk, I can assure you: if anyone has a shot at being successful at mining, it’s Miner One.

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