Privacy Policy

1. My games do NOT collect any personal data. Accordingly, no data is sold nor transfered to a third-party from us. However, our Adnetworks may collect data depending on region and use that data to render personalized ads. They are not permitted to sell or transfer the data to any third-party.

2. The Kids games offer a one-time In App Purchase (IAP) and prices range from 1.99 to 4.99 per app. Thus, each game offers a paid and demo ("Lite"/"Free") version of the game.

3. The games do NOT require Internet connection to work.

4. In paid versions all buttons which lead the player outside the game (e.g. on App Store or Google Play) are protected by a parental gate (a simple math task). These buttons are:
"More games" - leads to "more from this developer" list on Google Play or App Store;
< div> "Rate game" - leads to the app's page on Google Play or App Store where you can give it a rating and write a review;
"Send e-mail" - opens your default e-mail app with my e-mail address pre-typed as recipient;
"Remove ads"/"Ads-free version" - is shown in free versions only and leads to paid versions.

5. My demo ("Lite"/"Free") versions have the same content as the paid versions but show ads. In general, the ads come from Google, and are officially kids-friendly and COPPA-compliant. I also review all the ads once every few weeks to block anything Google's filters may have overlooked.

6. In general, I think of free versions as demos for parents which they try out before buying paid versions of the games.