NervGen Pharma Plans to Test Nerve Regeneration Tech

Technology in the health industry is consistently finding new ways to tackle medical conditions that were previously unapproachable.  New discoveries are being made utilizing tech that seemed only available in science fiction while more are on the way.  Now, another medical condition is possibly one step closer to being resolved as NervGen as announced recently that new technology has the potential to improve the millions of lives of patients with spinal cord injuries.

NervGen and Case Western Create Nerve Regeneration Tech


Although medicine and technology have combined over the years to treat patients that were once considered to be un-treatable, there are still medical issues that this partnership needs to tackle, such as patients with spinal cord injuries; however, there is new hope.  According to writer Bernie Monegain from Healthcare IT News, new technology has been announced that has the potential to help patients with spinal cord injuries live better lives.

NervGen Pharma is a regenerative medicine company that is based in Vancouver, B.C. and is collaborating with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland on commercializing patented technology to treat those with spinal cord injuries as well as other conditions that involves the damage of nerves.  The technology was developed by Jerry Silver, who is a researcher of spinal cord injury regenerative medicine, co-inventor and professor of neurosciences at Case Western Reserve’s School of Medicine.  He feels that this technology has the potential of making the lives of millions of those who have spinal cord injuries better.

Silver’s research identified protein tyrosine phosphatase (PTP), which is a vital neural receptor that prevents nerve regeneration through parts of scarring that happens with those who have injuries to their spinal cord as well as other medical conditions. He was able to zero in on PTPs through an agent known as ISP as it promotes regeneration of nerves that has been damaged and improved functionality in animal models.  Silver augmented his work further by employing a series of what he labeled as receptor antagonists that is delivered systematically.


Plans for Testing the Nerve Regeneration Technology

Silver was also able to pinpoint an analogue of ISP that he feels is ready for clinical development.  NervGen has decided to utilize the ISP analog to treat those with spinal cord injuries that are in the clinic.  Also, it will leverage the technology to chose individuals that suffer from related medical conditions.

Nerve damage, which ranges from having loss of sensation in certain areas of the body to paralysis, happens when a physical trauma occurs such as in combat injuries and car accidents.  This is also known to happen with strokes, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack induced arrhythmia and other traumas and diseases where damage to nerves occur.

Ernest Wong, CEO of NervGen said in a statement that we are extremely excited to be advancing this important nerve regeneration technology as there is currently no approved therapy known to enhance nerve regrowth in patients suffering from nerve damage.  Wong also said that the functional recovery that was seen in animal models were unprecedented as well as consistent throughout many pre-clinical models in several university labs that were independent.


Also, it is worth mentioning the license agreement includes technologies that were co-developed with Hong Kong University, Oregon Health and Science University as well as Ohio State University.  NervGen’s plans for clinical testing comes roughly a month after the company announced the appointment of a new President and Chief Executive Officer. 

According to The Newswire, Ernest Wong , PhD MBA, is said to be an experienced Biotechnology Executive to lead Innovative Regenerative Medicine Company dedicated to Creating Solutions for the Treatment of Nerve Damage.