Ways That Embracing Innovation Can Transform Your Hospital

Today’s healthcare industry is constantly finding ways to change and grow as hospitals are determined to stay competitive in a market that is increasingly becoming crowded.  Though establishing a culture that is willing to embrace collaboration and innovation is considered a way for hospitals to ensure excellent care is being provided, this is easier to say than accomplishing.  However, there are several ways that embracing innovation can transform your hospital.

Innovation Can be Difficult to Achieve

Writer Kelsy Ketchum from Healthcare Business Tech looked at numerous ways that hospitals could transform themselves so long as they were willing to embrace innovation.  While these facilities want to be more innovative and expand, most that do are often confronted with severe roadblocks that need to be overcome.  Part of the problem is that costs in healthcare are increasing while everyone is attempting to maintain revenue, so leadership becomes hesitant in willing to invest in innovation.

Source: healthcare-informatics.com

Strategies in Promoting Innovation

Despite these concerns, there are strategies that can be adopted that would assist in promoting innovation.  Dr. Adrian Zai, who is the Director of Research at Partners eCare in Boston, discussed this at the HIMSS Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum while Healthcare IT News emphasized several strategies from his presentation that can be applied to promote innovation.

One suggestion is to encourage staff to pursue quality improvement projects. Building a quality-focused, innovative culture involves promoting new opinions and ideas that may not follow normal routines, but thinking creatively might transform your hospital to becoming the next leader in healthcare.  Make sure to avoid rejecting ideas immediately while allowing all members of your staff the opportunities to give opinions.

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Another suggestion would be to formalize your strategy.  Unclear goals can lead to results that are vague.  Free reign can be important during the brainstorming process; however, make sure it is clear what your strategy is.  Align initiatives with the needs of your organization for your hospital to acquire the best bang for its buck.

Creating a governance structure.  Building an implementation framework is vital to becoming innovative.  Operations needs to be centralized to avoid dealing with several small groups coming up with ideas that are minor.  The goal is to create a large impact throughout the organization so that care is improved for your patients.

Emphasize collaboration means no matter how creative a person’s ideas may be, altering the culture of a hospital must be a team effort.  Knock down any (metaphorical) barriers between clinical and research staff while promoting interdisciplinary teamwork so your organization becomes better.

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Looking for alternative funding sources is important when traditional funders may not be clear with what you’re trying to accomplish as acquiring finances is a part of innovation.  Consider various types of partnerships with vendors who offer your facility more value.  However, hospitals that are smaller may consider collaborating with facilities that are bigger to utilize additional resources.

Finally, start small.  Abstain from jumping immediately into a project considered to have major high-stakes.  Develop first smaller pilot programs that can later be scaled up if they become successful.