Most Dangerous Android Viruses and How To Tackle Them

Have you ever experienced any of your gadgets attacked by a malware or virus? If you did know what happens when a virus attacks your devices, you might have also known the different types of it you can find. So, as many perks we have with the Android OS, we have to be really careful with what we are giving it access to. Even though we do get most of the Android Security patch updates frequently, it is in our best interest to be safe and not get attacked with something.

In most of the scenarios, virus or malware attack in Android is caused by opening insecure links or installing apps that we download from unknown sources. In the form of apps, they will install additional which keeps on pooping ads everywhere and also compromise your data to other parties. And the worst fact is that this malware might also damage the hardware of your device at times.

So, below are 10 of the most common and dangerous Android viruses that your device might get infected with and how to remove them.


This is one of the most dangerous viruses which you won’t see coming at all. It sometimes gets patched up with some apps on Google Play Store and when you download and install the app, it will root your device and cause various functioning problems. Although we don’t know if it has control over the data on our phone, we suggest you be safe and reset your whole device if you find any strange behavior.


This is one of the common malware that has been reported. Schedun malware makes way to your Android device via the apps that you download from any third-party source and eventually root your device. After rooting, it will display ads on your device at any time you are using the phone which is pretty annoying. Finding that particular app and uninstalling is helpful but when you can’t find it there, resetting your device is the only option.


This virus mostly sneaks its way into your device through emulator apps. Mostly, it comes through the Nintendo emulator apps that you download from any third-party source. This virus will get installed as an app and modifies and hacks the online games that you play on your device. Even though it is kind of good for you in a way, you might as well get banned from the games. All you can do to get rid of this virus is to factory reset your device.


The devices which are attacked by this virus can get access to download and install many other third-party apps themselves without your permission. These apps will display ads on the go and annoy you. Also, they will have access to your data and can compromise on it. So, the only way you can get rid of this virus is to reset your device or contact your nearest service center to neatly flash the OS again.

Replica Apps

These apps are mostly found in the third-party sources where you can download when searched for a particular app. Also, some of the copied and cloned apps also make their way to Play Store which you won’t notice before installing. So, make sure to check the number of downloads and the developer of the app before installing. Even though these kinds of apps bring no harm in the part of data, they might annoy with the pop-up ads. Uninstalling the app works pretty, but if not, resetting the device is the only option you are left with.

DroidSnake Type A

This is one of the most dangerous virus you can get attacked with if you are not alert. The malware will show up as a game Tap Snake and once someone clicks on it, it changes the GPS settings to be tracked by a hacker and work in the background. It also installs other apps which can show pop-up ads and there’s no stopping it. However, as the app runs in the background, it gets easier to spot it and then force stop and uninstall it. One of the dangerous yet easily removable malware!


Zeahache is mostly found online as an app which helps to root your device. This app is made by Chinese hackers which can access your data and compromise it even though it helps in rooting your device in the first place. This app also claims that it will make your device faster and improve performance but don’t fall for that.

These are the most common and dangerous virus and malware that your Android device can get attacked with, so stay safe and comment down below if you need any help in tackling with them if you are infected.