We Could Reverse Aging Using Viruses as Aestheticians

A new study looking at the effects of aging inside the cell seems to open new possibilities that could allow medics to cure aging. The discovery could also help prevent fatty liver disease, diabetes, and other life-threatening metabolic linked complications.

While the society doesn’t take aging as a disease or anything to do with ill health, medical doctors see it as any other condition that needs treatment. Findings have so far established that wrinkles don’t just occur on the skin; it’s something that originates from inside our cells.

Aging Inside the Cell Nuclei

Source: researchgate

New findings by Ph.D. holder Irina M. Bochkis from Virginia University’s School of Medicine, suggest that the effects of aging witnessed in fatty liver disease and other conditions might have roots from our cells’ nuclei, (the compartment that stores our genetic information,) the DNA gets wrinkly.

As pointed by the UVA researchers, this then causes improper functioning of the genes. If there is any way to reverse the wrinkling it would mean stopping wrong processes and springing back the body organs to their youthful performance – which should be seen on the skin.

We have anti-wrinkle creams but not one has been discovered yet for the nuclear membrane. That’s the literal understanding here. However, the approach proposed involves using a virus as the aesthetician to smooth membranes’ surfaces.  At least that is the tantalizing possibility highlighted by the UVA scientists in their report.

Bumpy Membranes

Bochkis and team’s findings have confirmed that the exact location of the DNA inside the nucleus reveals a lot in matters aging. The body system turns off genes that are no longer required and moves them up the nuclear membrane. However, as aging sets in, the UVA’s Department of Pharmacology states that our nuclear membranes become uneven, wrinkly or irregular — thereby causing improper turning off of genes.

How genes get turned off might sound a bit tricky but here is how that works. “All cells are not the same, but all of them possess the same DNA. As such, certain genes located in organs like the liver need to be switched off in the brain and the pattern alternates. But here is the concern, if the genes get turned off inappropriately health issues spark.

And this could be evidenced in the case of a fatty liver disease. Using a liver model, Bochkis illustrates how the liver becomes studded with fat as the person ages with time. “When your nuclear membrane begins to function as not intended it might cause the release of DNAs that are by virtue supposed to have been turned off. Which as time goes could transform the liver cells into fat cells.

“That’s ideally where serious health issues spring from, from the unnecessary fat being stored in the liver, which after sometimes makes the liver appear like Swiss cheese. And increasing the risk of cardiovascular conditions and diabetes type 2.

Smoothing Back the Nuclear Membrane to Cure Aging

Source: 4.bp

Like you’d expect membrane wrinkling comes as a result of a component insufficiency and the limited substance here is none-other than lamin, a special cellular protein. Unlike skin creams for wrinkles, the idea is seeing how we can get back the lamin to smoothen the nuclear membrane.

Yes, it sounds that simple but the hurdle is how do we achieve that. Bochkis and team suggest we use viruses to supply the amount of lamin required. Experts have been programming viruses to be used for medical purposes, which ideally corresponds well with the new research. And as expected, lamin deliveries using pre-modified viruses to the liver might be easy, looking at the organ’s role –which is detoxing the be body.

In short, we are not only looking up to pills that could cure diabetes type 2 and heart conditions but also tablets that could make us forever young.