Artificial Intelligence Powers New Lung Health App

Wearables that can monitor a person’s health parameters is a technology that has been around for quite a while now. With some apps, you can measure your stress levels, blood pressure, body temperature and so on. What is new is that artificial intelligence is now being fused into these gadgets, making them extremely smart and more effective — than before.

Good health being a very significant component in human life, AI is seen as a spot-on tech, which can help keep a constant check on people with certain serious medical issues like heart attack, meningitis and the rest.

In fact, there are AI-powered wearables that coordinate with smartphone apps to help detect possibilities of heart attack or, acute depression then sends the data directly to a health specialist for quick advice – in the quest to control the situation as quickly as possible.

The New AI-powered Lung Health App

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Yes, that is on the way coming, possibly in one, two or a few months’ time. Two tech companies, Aseptika based in St Ives and Zenzium based in Cheshire have sought legal permission from the UK’s innovation agency to explore AI. Their intention is to create a new system that would detect alarming levels of severe respiratory disease in patients, right from home.

Ideally, the system is coming in form of a wearable, an artificial intelligence powered gadget. It will automatically analyze, master and learn from the data generated by the victim and will connect to Aseptika’s Activ8rlives app.

The Viability and Necessity of this Tech

The Smart LungHealth system is coming in at a time when experts say, “AI is meeting the cloud.” In other words, various breeds of machine intelligence set to accomplish different tasks can now be served as a service right from the clouds. Therefore yes, this system is going to be highly effective, because the improved version will always be availed online. It’ll also be cheap and accessible to anyone from anywhere.

Tapping from the cloud, the Activ8rlive4 App will also embed another currently being developed medical monitor, an AI-powered alerting system christened the BuddyWOTCH. As stated by the two companies, the goal is to develop a reliable intelligent system that automatically alerts when a patient’s health graph begins to decline.

Research shows that most patients don’t know when exacerbation sets in, or may even not be aware that they are suffering from them. Those who happen to know ignore treatment, hoping that the problem will subside on its own.

But here is the unfortunate truth, during the exacerbation, the inflammation of lung tissue may lead to serious and irreversible damage. As in, slowly and after repeated cycles, victims may begin to suffer breath shortness that could invite more infections. This, in summary, explains the high importance of this AI-powered patient monitory project.

The Expected Algorithm

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In the partnering project which will also be funded by the controlling authority, Innovate UK — Aseptika, and Zenzium plans to build a series of mathematical algorithms.

When in action the tech will offer warnings of early signs of exacerbation process in form of a score – highlighting severity and when to opt for emergency action if need be.

In essence, the patterns of the ailment will vary with the patient but there is a common similarity to all at some point. But again for every patient, a personal detection score is generated and updates of progress will be displayed continually on a screen.