The Best Upcoming Xbox One Indie Games to Play This Year

Yesterday Microsoft announced that 17 new ID@Xbox indie games are coming to the Xbox One family of consoles later this year. Now, games from the ID@Xbox program aren’t usually the best, so before you go ahead and consider playing all 17 games, let’s first break down the potential best of the bunch.

For those who have no idea what ID@Xbox is, well, it basically a newer version of the Xbox Live Arcade service that was a huge success on the Xbox 360. If you’re an indie developer with a super low budget, then this is probably the best way to get your games on the Xbox One.

If you do not have enough money to purchase a full-fledged Xbox One developer kit, then that shouldn’t be much of a problem since it’s possible to develop games using a regular Xbox One for consumers.

It’s quite difficult to tell the quality of a game just by looking at it, but that’s exactly what we’re about to attempt.

9 Monkeys of Shaolin

OK, so this video game, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin, is a brawler where the player controls a single character who goes around fighting a bunch of enemies. Here the player takes control of Wei Cheng, a simple Chinese fisherman who must avenge the death of his family and friends who were slaughtered by pirates.

The game takes place in Medieval China; therefore, we expect a lot of unique game design elements.


Chances are, you’re not the type of person who goes crazy over singleplayer games. You want that competitive experience that gets your blood boiling. How about taking a look at Aftercharge?

It’s a game with a 3v3 multiplayer setting, and everyone must play as robots as they attempt to gain victory.

From the videos we’ve seen, Aftercharge looks like a fun game to play with friends, families, and complete strangers thousands of miles away.


Strategy games are great, especially the ones that are turn-based. One of the newest video games with this style of gameplay, is no other than WarGroove. It’s a title that reminds us a lot of Advance Wars, a game made by Nintendo back in the day.

The game, for all intent and purposes, also gives us impressions of Fire Emblem, so in a sense, it’s a mixture of both Advance War and Fire Emblem.

As it stands, then, Nintendo fails to revive the Advance War franchise, and this developer decides to fill the gap. You know what? We’re OK with that.

Super Meat Boy Forever

One of the best indie games to ever come out, is a title known as Super Meat Boy. It was quite a blast, and ever since fans have been wondering if a sequel would ever come through the pipes. Well, those prayers were answered in 2017 with the announcement of Super Meat Boy Forever.

The game might not win over some fans who preferred the art style and gameplay of the original. In all seriousness, Super Meat Boy Forever looks like a mobile game and the gameplay, for the most part, is dumbed down. Time will tell if these changes hurt the sales of the game when it hits the Xbox One.