A Handheld Gaming Device Designed for Retro Games? Yes, Please!

Over the past couple of years, game developers have begun the revival of the design of the retro game. These games tend to have pixelated graphics and gameplay that brings back the memories of video games of yesteryear.

Now, while these titles are fun and cheap to acquire, not everyone are able to afford an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or even a decent enough Windows PC to play them. That is where a dedicated retro gaming machine comes into play, and engineer, Pierre-Louis Boyer, wants to make such a device a reality.

The RetroStone

With this not so impressive looking device, folks will get the chance to play all their favorite titles while at home or on the go. You see, the RetroStone is based on either Raspberry Pi or Orange Pi, so in a sense, it is a mini gaming PC in your hands.

This isn’t the first time Pierre-Louis Boyer has developed a retro gaming device. Not too long ago, he created the Raspiboy, a Do It Yourself (DIY) package where gamers can build their own handheld gaming console.

It was impressive due to all the hardware and software features it brought to the table. However, not everyone wants to build their own hardware from scratch, which is why Mr. Boyer decided to deliver the RetroStone.

Yes, the RetroStone is pre-built and has an uncanny resemblance to the Nintendo Game Boy of old. The hardware differs mainly due to the addition of an HDMI port for playing games on a TV, much like the Nintendo Switch.

Want USB connectors? Worry not, for RetroStone has four of them along with an ethernet port. Not even the Switch can compete with all of these fancy ports.

What about the games?

OK, so players are required to install their own games to the RetroStone. We understand it supports all games from the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, Super Nintendo, Megadrive/Genesis, Atari, MaMe, and others.

Bear in mind that while supported games can be downloaded from the web without cost, you should have a legal copy before attempting to download a ROM. Playing any of these games without owning a legal copy could get you in trouble with the developers.

“To install a game you need it’s ROM file. A ROM file is a computer file containing all the game’s data. You can legally download ROM of unlicensed games on the internet. For licensed games legality of downloading ROM depends on your country. In some, you need to have an original copy of the game. In some others, it may not be legal at all to download ROMs from the internet,” according to the creator.

If you’re not interested in just playing games, then how about bringing that one retro game idea to life by developing for the RetroStone.

It’s possible for players to develop and share their games without much of a fuss. We’ll have to wait for more information from the creator before any attempts to develop video games for the platform.

Overall, the RetroStone is gaming hardware is not a bad idea. It’ currently on Kickstarter, so go ahead and support the project in order to be among the first to get a copy by April 2, 2018.