Uber One-Ups Lyft with New Transportation Dashboard and App

The competition between Lyft and Uber is no secret to those that use either service, with each touting how their service is the better one.  However, a recent announcement by Uber may be just what the driving service needed to convince customers to use their service over their competitors.  According to the announcement, Uber is now offering patients and providers a new app and dashboard for health transportation.

Source: supportivecarematters.org

Writer Susan Morse posted an article several days ago that discussed how Uber seems to be digging in their heels when it comes to the provider ride business.  Apparently, the focus is on offering a new text messaging and app service dedicated to transporting patients to and from the hospital and appointments with their doctors.  According to Chris Weber, Uber’s Health General Manager, a dashboard app will enable healthcare professionals to request transportation for patients going back and forth to the care that they need.

Weber talked more about the new service, by adding that an “Uber Health API allows for integration into existing healthcare products, for transportation to be scheduled for follow-up appointments while still at the healthcare facility. Multiple rides can be scheduled and managed at the same time from a single dashboard.  Patients without a smartphone can still use Uber Health through text messaging or opt to receive a call with trip details to their mobile phone or landline instead.”

Healthcare Organizations Are On Board

Reportedly, a beta test of this new system resulted in over one-hundred organizations in the United States participated in it.  This included physical therapy centers, hospitals, home care centers, clinics, senior care facilities and rehab centers; all of them started to utilize Uber Health.  Providers and patients can schedule transportation either within several hours or in advance up to thirty days.

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Numerous providers took part during the beta program that included Thundermist Heath Center and Yale New Haven Health, Adams Clinical, Renown Health, Blood Centers of the Pacific, Project Open Hand, Georgetown Home Care, ProActive Work Health Services, LifeBridge Health, Pro Staff Physical Therapy, MedStar Health, NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center and Manhattan Women’s health.

Although there was little to no detailed information regarding billing during the announcement, organizations would be able to easily monitor what they were spending on transportation as well as see monthly billing statements, scheduling and appointments.  Weber also brought up those customers who will be using Uber for the first time through this initiative, saying that for many, their first ever Uber ride will be through Uber Health, so we’re committed to providing the necessary education tools that ensure every patient feels comfortable and at ease during their journey.

Uber Newsroom Provides More Details

Another source for information regarding Uber’s new health program is the Uber Newsroom Website, which talks about the initiative in better detail.  Some of the talking points mentioned include having flexible transportation scheduling for staff, patients and caregivers, access for those who do not have a smartphone, easy to understand management, billing and reporting as well as being in HIPAA compliance.

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Also, there is another website with the title of Uber Health that individuals can sign up and log in to get started in the program.  The website has other sections that includes how it works, abut section and FAQ.  Only time will tell if the program truly becomes a success or a bust.