Move Over Game Pass: Utomik’s Netflix-Like Gaming Service Is Coming With 700 Games

Microsoft isn’t the only company seeking to make a big play in the subscription service market where video games are concerned. Most folks today might not have heard of subscription service known as Utomik for the PC, a platform that is more compelling than Microsoft’s Game Pass.

For quite some time, Utomik has kept itself in Beta, but such is no longer the case. The service, which is available only on the PC, is coming out of Beta early this year. The service is all about bringing the Netflix and Spotify model to gamers around the world, and so far, it has been doing a good job.

More Games and Partners than Microsoft Game Pass

Utomik is on the verge of making the Netflix for games idea a reality with over 70 partners. We understand that publishing partners include the likes of Ubisoft, Disney, SEGA and Warner Bros. Games. Furthermore, Utomik has more games when compared to any other platform today with over 700 selections.

Additionally, the service is the only one with a family plan, so the entire family can get in on the action and enjoy all that Utomik has to offer. For parents who do not want their children to play certain games, the parent control option should be enough to keep them at bay.

“Utomik adds an average of five games a week to ensure the platform remains fresh for their subscribers. With this “All you can game” PC subscription model, users have unlimited access to play games from Star Wars, LEGO, Saints Row, Borderlands, Sonic, The Walking Dead, Metro 2033, Overlord, Heart’s Medicine, Jurassic Park, Back To The Future, Criminal Minds and much more,” according to the press release.

Games Released on Utomik Same Day as Everywhere Else

Microsoft announced recently that it plans to release all of its future first-party titles on Game Pass the same day as everywhere else, and that made for big headlines across the gaming sphere.

Utomik, not wanting to be left on the sidelines, is also doing the same thing, but with third-party publishers instead. The company says it is the first to do this, and no doubt they are going to give Microsoft a serious run for its money going forward.

One thing is for certain, Utomik will need to invest in its own games if it wants to stay competitive, and that’s something the company has yet to talk about.

What About Pricing?

OK, so the service costs $7.99 for a single person, and $12.99 for four users. Now, should you sign up before the official launch, you’ll pay the Beta price of $5.99 while existing users who were on board for quite some time will keep paying $5.99 for life.

The entire thing sounds wonderful, which is great for consumers who find buying games quite expensive. However, as the industry continues to move into the digital realm, brick and mortar gaming retail stores will soon feel the pinch.