Intel’s Falcon 8 Plus Drone Is Great for Inspecting Gas Terminals

Many folks might not know this, but Intel has its own drone, and it’s called the Falcon 8 Plus. It’s a commercial drone with some impressive capabilities, but it won’t come cheap. The fact of the matter is, Intel is targeting business sector with this drone, and one of its early partners is no other than Cyberhawk.

Both companies have worked together to use the Intel Falcon 8 Plus commercial-grade drone to inspect a gas terminal in St Fergus, Scotland. This is a big deal because it would have required the use of conventional methods. By using the drone, companies can save money and reduce the risk of employee injury.

Additionally, one of the traditional methods of checking a gas terminal usually means the shutdown of facilities. However, with the Intel Falcon 8 Plus and Cyberhawk’s aerial inspection and surveying expertise at the forefront, this is no longer the case.

“In the last 20 years that I’ve worked in the inspection industry, drones are the biggest single change we’ve seen to-date,” said Chris Fleming, Cyberhawk CEO.

Great news for the drone industry

Drones have come a long way, but they are still primarily used by regular citizens at their homes or on a trip. So far, several companies around the world have adopted the technology, but the number is still too small for the drone industry to take off in a huge way.

The partnership between Intel and Cyberhawk should allow for large factories to be inspected without large-scale interruptions. Furthermore, the drone is capable of capturing high quality and accurate data to better help business owners make informed decisions.

Not to mention, business owners could save up to $5 million on a daily basis with the Falcon 8 Plus taking control. Furthermore, since the drone is designed to fly even in strong winds, it should be perfect for dangerous situations and challenging environments.

“Flying in Scotland, the devices have to withstand strong winds,” Fleming said. “The Intel Falcon is perfect for that because it has the highest wind tolerance and the best power-to-weight ratio of any platform on the market.”

Some statistics about the drone’s first mission

During the inspection of the gas terminal in St Fergus, Scotland, the Intel Falcon 8 Plus conducted 10 flights over two days, and collected around 12GB of data. Additionally, the device captured 1,100 images, but at this time, we have no idea if it can handle video, especially at the 4K quality.

“The way we conduct inspections is changing,” said Anil Nanduri, vice president and general manager within Intel’s New Technology Group. “Drones make inspection workflows faster, cheaper and safer. The technology is mature enough to be adopted into the workflows of our customers.”

As for pricing, we can’t say at this point, but indeed, it won’t cost the same as a Dji or the latest Xiaomi commercial drone.