Instagram is Testing a New Hashtag Following Feature

Source: Inc.

Instagram seemingly testing a new feature with it’s small user base. Feature was first spotted by a Twitter user, and, The Next Web said that this feature also showed up to one of their team members.

There isn’t anything fancy here though. We can just search for a hashtag and tap on the Follow button to start following it.

When anyone follow a hashtag, then they will start seeing all the top posts and recent stories in their feed that have that hashtag in them.

Instagram declined to say more when we asked about the test, so it’s unclear just how many people have access to the test or how likely it is that you’ll see the feature become a mainstay. The social network frequently tests features that aren’t guaranteed to hit the mainstream. As Instagram users expect to see this update with it’s wider set of audience next month.

Image: Engadget

It’ll available for iOS & Android users first soon. As we poll about it on Twitter.

With users being able to follow hashtags, they would be able to follow a specific hashtag which pertains to their interest, which means reduced chances of missing out on content.

As of now, Instagram seems to be testing this feature with only a limited number of users. However, we would really like Instagram to roll it out to What do you think of this feature? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. For more information, so stay tuned to Sanvada for regular updates.