How to Protect Your Playstation 4 From the Biggest “Console Killers”

Consoles have become one of the most popular devices in modern times. Companies have been competing for a long time for domination in this market. Nintendo was undoubtedly in the realm of console creation in the 90s (Mario anyone?). But as companies realized how lucrative the market was, two companies stood firm.

Microsoft created the X-Box and Sony created the Playstation, and thus a new rivalry began.

But over the past few years, Sony’s Playstation has been able to outsell X-box almost twice. By January 2017, Sony had sold over 60 million PlayStation 4 consoles worldwide. While Xbox was just crossing over the 27 million margin.

Suffice, the console’s wide popularity is not cheap. We have countless videos on YouTube of people crying after they get too excited over a game and break it. It is not easy to repair or replace it. But wouldn’t you rather protect your console from damage than replacing it?

BUBM PS4 Console Dust Cover Playstation 4 Protector

protect your Playstation 4

BUMB has created a PS4 dust cover that allows you to cover and protect your Playstation 4 from a wide range of variables.

What is the cover used to protect your Playstation 4 made from?

The BUMB PS4 Dust cover is made from Neoprene. This is a type of synthetic rubber that is compacted well enough to resist a lot of force, yet soft enough to ensure that your device does not get scratched.

Over time Neoprene has been used as protective sleeves for computers and laptops. But these are often bulky and rigid so much so that many people started opting out of using protective sleeves though they were so important.

But BUMB has created a different kind of sleeve from the Neoprene by comprising it further, making it denser but slimmer. This gives the cover a smooth design that you can easily slip onto your device, and you are ready to go. Let us look at the biggest console killers today and out the BUMB sleeve helps protect from them


protect your Playstation 4

The primary use for the PS4 sleeve is to protect the console from dust. Any gamer will tell you that the single most destructive thing to any console is dust.

The fine dust particles have a knack for finding their way to the most delicate parts of the devices and causing wear and tear, and in the end, the console wears out and needs repairs. Dust also leads to overheating, another common problem with consoles.

With consoles getting smaller, the cooling systems efficiency has reduced. Therefore, they become even more vulnerable and to protect your Playstation 4 becomes all the more difficult. Dust buildup accelerates heating, which can completely distort the functioning of the device.

Being dropped

The number two biggest console killer after the dust, is accidents. Playing on the PlayStation often leads to heightened adrenaline releases.

Sadly, with increased adrenaline in the body, the more erratic your movement, which can easily result in you dropping the device.

The BUBM PS4 Console Dust Cover well-woven neoprene mesh ensures that even if you drop it, the material will absorb most the pressure, leaving your device intact. The sleeve design is such a way that the edges are thicker. This is not, by default, but by design, knowing that the PS4 edges are the most vulnerable when it drops.


Water may be the most dangerous console destroyer but also the most uncommon. People know how dangerous water is and are more likely to take extra precaution to ensure that it does not come in contact with water. However, as Murphy’s Law states, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. BUBM also takes the measure to ensure that the PS4 sleeve is water proof.

The material acts more like a baby diaper. It absorbs the water and spreads it in its material which has a high water retention affinity. The result is more of the sleeve will be wet, but less of the water will come to contact with the console.

My verdict

I kind of view my BUBM PS4 Console Dust Cover as my device’s “seatbelt,” I wouldn’t drive without one. The sleeve looks like quite a simple device, but its benefits to protect your Playstation 4 are immense. Check out more reviews and opinions on Amazon.

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are 100% ours.