10 Things we will never experience again due to Technology

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Just right at the moment we did realize we had to grow up, throwing back some memories of our habits never seemed so funny and entertaining than now when we are occupying a seat in the roller coaster of the technological revolution.

So by this way, we decided it was enough nicotine, and when we thought the battle against the addiction was lost, technology put within our reach a whole range of electronic fashion and smart cigarettes and vaporizers, helping us to say: I’m not smoking never ever again.

And what about other habits we never decided to change, but the surroundings forced us to modify? I mean, last Friday my best friend living in Spain just celebrated its first birthday away from home and I wanted to give him a gift playlist: of course, it never occurred to me to send vía DHL express a fancy cassette or vinyl, but a fabulous YouTube personalized playlist link included on a digital letter was the perfect detail.


Endless Metamorphosis

I remember that years ago, in my tender childhood, my grandmother told me that no matter how many technology changes come in the future we will never see as many as her generation had seen.

Admittedly, the irruption of the phone like the new Jesus Christ Superstar in almost everywhere (houses, cars, airplanes, etc.) is worth enough to think that way, mostly when you think you have seen all of life.

Truly, I think the earth spinning offer us a slowly, silent never ending cycle of unaware changes we just note when time pass by and we start wondering: when was the moment we stopped eating pies and sending them on special missions towards space?

P. S.: The delicious flying dessert survived if you wanted to know! I just hope technology do not steal our donuts, so they keep only going on expeditions directed to our stomachs, ha!


Things We Don’t Do Anymore Because of Technology advance


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Literally, like stopped going to the bathroom with the newspaper of the day, but instead never being there for so long without a smartphone or tablet, ha! Some things have changed, my friend.

New technologies evolve at such a dizzying pace that we often find it difficult to be aware of the profound change that these operate in our lives. Undoubtedly, in the last 25 years, the inclusion of technology has changed our habits, we agreed, for better or worse.


What is Becoming Less Frequent Because an App


Some of them affect consumerism, others to the way we relate and others simply to the daily routine, but since tools like what I love to call ‘the app way’ arrived at our destinies, we think twice before acting in any scenario, because we both know there’s alway any helpful app for almost all.

So we have changed… LOOK AT NEXY PAGE